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    please give me middle names for Claire...

    It seems the only name that my dh and I can totally agree on is Claire (for a little sister for Evan James). some middles I like are:

    Claire Anneliese
    Claire Juliet
    Claire Elizabeth

    wdyt of these? can you give me other suggestions please:-) thanks...
    Clara Juliet ~ Stella Anneliese ~ Lucy Elizabeth ~ Annabel Harper ~ Meredith Lisette
    Evan James ~Jackson Porter ~ Davis Emory

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    Claire is a favorite of mine, and she goes so nicely with Evan! From your list, I love Claire Elizabeth the most, especially with Evan James. My second choice would be Claire Juliet.

    Claire Lucille
    Claire Annabel (I like Annabel with Claire better than Anneliese, as it has a nicer flow)
    Claire Meredith
    Claire Josephine
    Claire Genevieve
    Claire Vivienne
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    I love the name Claire... we were considering it too.

    some combos I love...

    Claire Elise
    Claire Elizabeth
    Claire Juliet
    Claire Alexandra
    Claire Alexis
    Holly Louise * Anne Louise nn Annie * Margo/Margot Louise * Alyssa Louise

    Expecting DD#2 May 2015! Name must honor Dana Louise (MIL). Honoring Holly or Mary would be a bonus!

    Names I like that DH nixed: Susannah, Lydia, Elise, Rebecca, Victoria, Linnea, Genevieve, Alice, Emma, Isobel, Marielle, Louisa, Cora, Marie, Elizabeth, Caroline, Hannah, Helena, Maeve, Lauren, Mariam, Evelyn, Laura, Margaret, Grace, Molly, Clara

    Mom to Julia Catherine

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    If we ever have a girl, she will be Claire Elisabeth Louisa! Love all your choices, but I'm partial to Elizabeth. Also Anneliese as it was on my first name list for a while. Here are some other suggestions.

    Claire Alexandria
    Claire Louisa
    Claire Isabella
    Claire Viviana
    Claire Juliana
    Claire Elise
    Claire Victoria
    Claire Diana
    Claire Lynae
    Claire Arianne
    Claire Eliza (Love this one!)
    Claire Sophia (Sophia is popular, put it is pretty with Claire)
    Claire Elena
    Claire Olivia

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