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    What about Aethyl? It still sounds like the same name, but the A in front changes it up a bit.

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    Ethlinn maybe? I don't know much about it other than it's Irish and my friend uses it as a name for her RP character

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    I personally think Ethel is gentle and beautiful. I slightly prefer Edith, which is similar.. If you're honoring family, why not use it as a middle name? Scarlett Ethel and Piper Ethel would be incongruous, IMO, but Emmeline Ethel or Pearl Ethel would be very ladylike and sweet. Clementine Ethel is kinda my favorite of your choices - Clementine is old-fashioned but bright and spunky, and Ethel brings it down to earth with a little old-ladyish clunk, which makes it hip.

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    I think Clementine Ethel is so great! I also like the suggestion of Ethel nn Etta.

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    I love vintage names, but just can't bring myself to like Ethel or its variants. I do like Etta.

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