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    Middle Name for Lane

    Being a big fan of Mad Men (can't be alone here) I have a name obsession with Lane. I have a daughter already named Juniper Elizabeth and I think it would fit well with it. I am looking for a strong, masculine, maybe even traditional name to go with it. Can anyone provide me with some inspiration?

    Thanks Berries!!
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    Juniper Elizabeth is gorgeous! Such a bouncy yet elegant and lovely name to say. Unfortunately I'm yet to see Mad Men, so this does happen to the first time I've ever considered Lane's use on a boy. And you know what, I actually really like it! It's got a certain charm to it.

    Lane Marcelo, Lane Wilder, Lane Alexander, Lane James, Lane Francisco, Lane Sebastian, Lane William, Lane Archibald, Lane Theodore, Lane Fletcher, Lane Jack, Lane Harrison, Lane Magnus, Lane Edward, Lane Truman, Lane Maximilian, Lane Barker, Lane Julius, Lane Atticus, Lane West, Lane Conrad, Lane Warner, Lane August, Lane Morrison, Lane Dexter, Lane Forrest, Lane Smith, Lane Adrian, Lane Cedric, Lane Apollo, Lane Leonardo, Lane Raymond, Lane Charles, Lane Cassius, Lane Maxwell, Lane Caspian, Lane Samson.

    My favourite combinations would be Lane Alexander, Lane Archibald, Lane Smith, Lane Edward & Lane Leonardo
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    Lane has been at the top of my boy's list for a few years now (and my husband is actually on board!). I know some people don't like alliteration, but I happen to think it sounds handsome, and my initial choices were:

    Lane Larson
    Lane Lawson

    Then more recently I began to consider using family names for the middle name, so we were looking at:

    Lane Joseph
    Lane Michael
    Lane Daniel

    I think just about any two-syllable name sounds good with Lane! Unfortunately my mother-in-law hates hates HATES the name Lane because she is concerned he will be called "lame," and she has brought it up several times over the past year and a half (and we're not even pregnant with our first!). Didn't let her deter me, but now I'm leaning toward a different name anyway. But I will always have a soft spot for Lane!

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