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    Jennifer is a hard name to work with!! Because you have Abigail-Dawn my preference would be to use Jennifer first with a one-syllable second name e.g.: Jennifer-Mae

    I like:

    Jennifer-Anne (Grace)
    Jennifer-Kate (pure) or spelt Cate/Cait
    Jennifer-Jane (God is gracious)
    Jennifer-Claire (clarity)
    Jennifer-Blythe (free-spirit, happy, carefree)

    If they don't like any here is a list of one syllable girl names:

    I just saw the update... Jennifer Lin is lovely!
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    I suggest that if they really wanted the girls to feel like they "fit in" with their new family, they change the names of all the children already in the home to Chinese names. Otherwise it's not actually about their adoptive daughters at all, is it?
    Simon, Eloise/Louise, Faye, Judah, Thea, Felix, Iris, Cordelia, Roscoe, Lydia, Jasper, Phaedra, Adrian, Lucinda, Jane, Conrad, Wallace, Finnegan, Sylvie, Charlie, Dashiell, Juniper, Atlas, Matilda, Julian, Alice, Marlowe, Octavia, Jack, Marigold, Archer, Gabriel, Persephone, Raphael, Dov

    Just a grad student, dreaming ahead...

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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    Blade -- yes you are correct! Mei Mei, in addition to being the familiar form of her given name, also is a term of endearment for little sister! I neglected to comment on that before!

    Yes, you're right! Jennifer Lin is very nice!

    It is NOT a term of endearment, Mei Mei (妹妹) MEANS younger sister. Sorry but I feel the need to correct that since I am "proficient" in Chinese (I'm half Chinese, but don't consider myself fluent since I didn't learn till I was older). So for them to call her that isn't really correct. Only the older sister can call her mei mei. Sorry again, but this bugs me a bit since it's incorrect use of a language and something I feel the family should know if they are adopting from another country....
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    Edited for privacy.
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