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    That is a shame Eve is taken (but I don't blame you for taking it! : D. Great name!). Hmm. Love the idea of "life" meanings ("I come so that they might have ever lasting life) and Vivienne-Jenna is lovely. And leads me to:

    Zoe-Jennifer (but again, the O - such a shame about Naomi too).
    Lucy-Jennifer (Lucy would tie into the Narnia theme, and the meaning of "light" goes with Jesus, I am the way, the truth, and the light).

    I had the same thought about a previous poster's meaning behind Laura or Laurel - the laurel is a symbol of victory, as in victory over death. On a related note with victory names:


    Although all of them have an O!

    Willows have at least one Biblical reference, are used in churches in areas without palms as a substitute for palms on palm Sunday, and in other religions have a ton of positive symbolic meaning!

    I am like obsessed with this somehow : D

    Iris-Jennifer (Iris means rainbow, the symbol of peace and the symbol of the covenant after Noah).
    Samantha-Jen (Samantha means listening to God, I believe)
    Liv-Jennifer (Liv's meanings relate both to Life and to Strength).
    Naama-Jennifer (a related name to Naomi, also meaning sweet...I have a feeling they won't like it).
    Serena-Jen (Serena meaning peaceful, serene)
    Fay-Jennifer (the meaning of "fay" as fairy is cute although I worry it might be too light for them. But it also alludes to Faith).
    Vera-Jennifer (Vera means both "truth" and "faith" depending on the language)
    Farrah-Jennifer (Farrah means "happy")
    Neve-Jennifer (Neve touches on Eve, but is prn'd Nev, and means "snow" as in "washed as clean as snow...")
    Katherine-Jenna ("pure")
    Caitlin-Jennifer ("pure")
    Beatrice-Jen, Beatrice-Jenna, Beatrix-Jen, Beatrix-Jenna ("bringer of happiness")
    Sophie-Jen, Sophie-Jenna, Sophia-Jen, Sophia-Jennifer ("wisdom", but the O again : D).
    Natalie-Jen, Natalie-Jenna, Natalia-Jen ("birth", traditionally alluding to Christmas)
    Ines-Jen, Ines-Jenna, Ines-Jennifer ("pure/chaste")

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    I gleaned the following ideas from a book I have called Bible Baby Names by Anita Diamant.

    Ada Jennifer (Ada/Adah is a name from Genesis 36:2, which means 'ornament.')
    Adena Jen (Adena means 'noble, adorned.')
    Adira Jen (Adira means 'strong.')
    Atalia (Atalya) Jennifer (Atalia is a name from 2 Kings 8:26, which means 'God is exalted.')
    Atira Jen (Atira means 'prayer.')
    Damaris Jen (Damaris is a name from Acts 17:34, which means 'gentle girl.')
    Eliana Jen (Eliana means 'God has answered me.')
    Eliya Jen (Eliya is a feminine form of Elijah and means 'the Lord is my God.')
    Emanuella Jen (Feminine form of Emmanuel, meaning 'God is with us')
    Gabriella Jen ('God is my strength')
    Isaaca Jen (Feminine form of Isaac, which means 'laughter')
    Leora Jen (Leora means 'my light.')
    Mayana Jen (Mayana means fountain, spring)
    Michaela Jen (Feminine of Michael - 'Who is like God?')
    Natania Jen (Feminine of Nathan - 'God has given')
    Sima Jennifer (Sima means 'treasure')
    Zahara Jen (Zahara means 'brightness')
    Ziva Jennifer (Ziva means 'spendid, radiant.')
    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    I like the idea of Miriam-she's biblical, and Jenna-Miriam or Miriam-Jenna is adorable. Miriam means "of the sea" or "bitter"
    Bethany-Jenn or Jennifer-Beth is adorable- there's also Elizabeth, Mary's cousin in the Bible. However, Bethany means "house of dates, house of misery" Bethel or Bethelle means "house of god" Bethesda means "house of mercy, flowing water"
    Jennifer-Deb, Deborah-Jenn Deborah is kind of out of fashion, and the meaning is "bee" which isn't anything special, but Deborah in the Bible is awesome. She single-handedly saved Israel (
    Jennifer-Dinah: a daughter of Jacob in the Bible, Dinah means "judgement"
    Jennifer-Eden- "place of pure pleasure, delight"
    Esther-Jen- Esther is awesome. period.
    Hannah-Jennifer: "favor, grace" "gracious, merciful, he that gives"
    Hosanna-Jenn: "deliver us" (may be too close to Grace and Joy though...)
    Jennifer-Lois: Lois means "agreeable" and is Timothy's mother in the Bible
    Jennifer-Moriah, Moriah-Jenna, Jenna-Moriah: Moriah means "chosen by God" and is a place in the Bible.
    Jenna-Rhoda- means "rose"
    Rinnah-Jenn, Jennifer-Rinnah or Rinna- means "shouting for joy" Rinnah is a descendant of Judah in the Bible.
    Jennifer-Ruth: Ruth means "friendship"
    Sapphira-Jen: means "sapphire" obviously. Sapphira-Adi is a character in Bryan Davis's Oracle of Fire series, he's a Christian author and his books are great, so I really like this name. (I pronounce it Saf-FIRE-ah, not Saf-FEAR-ah)
    Jenna-Salome: Salome means "peaceful" It's the name of a woman who witnessed Jesus's crucifixion
    Selah-Jennifer, Jennifer-Selah: Selah means "a rock" like Peter. Selah is also another character in Bryan Davis's books, from a series called Children of the Bard. Again, really good books.
    Susanna-Jen: means "lily" Susanna was a woman who ministered to Christ.
    Talitha-Jen: Talitha means "young girl, little lamb" and is what Jesus called the little girl who was dead when he bid her rise ("Talitha, koum->little girl, get up)
    Serah-Jen: "a morning star" Reminds me of the star-girl in the Narnia books.
    Jenna-Shiloh, Shiloh-Jennifer, Shiloh-Jen, Jennifer-Shiloh: "peace" or "his gift", the name of one of my all time favorite characters from (guess who?) Bryan Davis's Dragons in Our Midst series. Seriously, Bryan Davis is the only guy who can make me love a couple named Billy Bannister and Bonnie Silver/Conner. Normally, I'd hate those names together, but he made it work. I can't imagine them with any other names; he's probably the main reason I like the name Bonnie.
    Zina-Jennifer, Zina-Jen: "shining"
    Jennifer-Diana, Jenna-Diane: "perfect" from Acts 19:27

    The rest of these are simply Hebrew names, not necessarily Biblical, but they have great meanings.
    Jenna-Breindel: Breindel is Hebrew for "blessing"
    Chaia-Jennifer: don't know how to pronounce it, but it's Hebrew for "life" Jennifer-Chaia?
    Danica-Jen, Jennifer-Danica: "morning star" (it's like Dawnica, which might be too similar to Abigail-Dawn)
    Jennifer-Eliada: "God is knowing"
    Jennifer-Eliora "my god is my light"
    Jennifer-Erela, Jennifer Erelah: "angel, holy messenger"
    Jennifer-Eleora "the lord is my light"
    Jennifer-Eliana: "god has answered"
    Jennifer-Eliya: "God is my lord"
    Jennifer-Elisha: "God is my salvation"
    Jenna-Katriel, Katriel-Jen, Katriel-Jennifer: "god is my crown" and it's the name of a star.
    Jennifer-Leora: light
    Jennifer-Liana, Liana-Jen: "my god has answered"
    Jenna-Lirit: "musical" I just like this.
    Jenna-Lilach: "You are mine" as in God saying it to her. Just clarifying.
    Marnina-Jen: "causing joy"
    Jennifer-Meora "light, brightness"
    Jennifer-Mili, Mili-Jen, Jenna-Mili: "who is for me?"
    Jennifer-Natania: "he gave"
    Jennifer-Nataniela: "gift from God" nn Nielly (Nee-ly)
    Jennifer-Nesiah: "miracle of God"
    Jennifer-Neriah: "lamp of God"
    Jenna-Orli: "you are my light"
    Jennifer-Odelia, Odelia-Jen, Jenna-Odelia: "I will thank God"
    Jenna-Rani, Jenna-Ranit, Jenna-Rona, Jenna-Ronen: all mean 'singing' or 'song'
    Sarina-Jen: she who laughs, princess
    Jenna-Ronli: "joy is mine"
    Jenna-Zuriel: "the Lord is my rock"

    Overall: Talitha-Jen (little girl, little lamb)

    Favorite Meaning: Shiloh-Jen; Jennifer-Shiloh (peace, his gift)
    Runner Up: Rinnah/Rinna/Rin (shouting for joy) Jenna-Rin, Rinnah-Jen. Doesn't flow very well though.

    Most Unique: Jenna-Breindel (blessing) is pretty, but very unique and may not be their style. I think it's cute.
    Runner Up: Jennifer-Moriah (chosen by god)

    Honorable Mentions:
    Jenna-Orli (you are my light) Odelia-Jen (I will thank God)
    Katriel anything (morning star) nn Kat. Katriel-Jen, Jenna-Katriel, Jennifer-Katriel,
    Jenna-Bethelle (house of god)

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    Jenna-Ruth would be nice.

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    I'm going to let you come up with where Jen/Jenna/Jennifer should go with these names:

    What about Rahab? She's one of only two women mentioned in Hebrews 11. or based on name meanings..

    Abiela - God is my father
    Bethia - Daughter of God
    Briella - God is my might
    Danielle - God is my judge
    Eleora - God is my light
    Elissa - my God is a vow
    Elsee - my God is a vow
    Emanuela - God is with us
    Gabby/Gabriela/Gabrielle - God is my might
    Kaila/Kayla - who is like God? Kayla-Jenn sounds great to me!!!!!!!
    Makayla - who is like God?
    Michelle - who is like God?
    Natania - gift of God
    Shan/Shannon - God is gracious
    Shawna - God is gracious
    Zhanna - God is gracious

    I dug deep here for you, I really hope one of these helps!!!!!!!!!

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