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    You, Carly, are a twenty-two year old woman living in a New York City penthouse. When you were little, you were something of a child prodigy. You graduated high at sixteen and graduated college at twenty. You were brilliant and won so many spelling bees and writing contests that it was hard to keep track of them all. You were an all around good student, but your favorite subject was always Reading and writing. But after college, you found a well-paying job as a Peditrician and bought a luxury apartment near it. You love your job, and the city. I am person 6. And live in apartment 3.

    One day while reading the newspaper, you learn that the famous prince of Britian, Jacob is visiting New York, as he is staying at your apartment building! You are excited, but doubtful you get even a glance at him. But on the following Friday night, you go out with some friends to a restaurant near your building. The prince is there with a few guards! You and your friends gawk at him, while trying to be nonchalant at the same time. He notices your group wide-eyed and strikes up a conversation with you all, you particularly. When you are done eating, he takes a few pictures with your friends, but you are too shy to ask for any. So he asks you to go to Central Park with him. You accept with astonishment and begin to fall head over heels for him. He takes you all through the park, riding the carousel, walking under bridges, and finally kissing beneath the stars. Prince 1.

    He gives you his personal phone number at the end of the night, and you go home dazed and tired. You can see yourself marrying and growing old with him. You smile and fall asleep. The next evening, he calls you again. You are seen with him for the remainder of his stay. Soon enough you are officially dating. To stay close, there are frequent trips between your countries. You date for 6 months/years, before he proposes on an airplane with you back to New York, by handing you a red balloon with the ring inside. You spend a lot of time planning your royal wedding! Dress 5. Ring 6. We get married around the London Eye.

    After the wedding, which was watched around the world, you settle into life as a princess. You leave your New York job, lease your apartment, and head full force into the world of your new country's politics. You move into your prince's castle, in the countryside, with frequent holidays to the capital. Castle 5.

    3 months/years after the wedding, you begin to try for children. It's always been your dream to have many children, and your husband, being an only child (and heir) agrees. Soon enough, you are pregnant with a sweet little baby.

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