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    What do you think of these vintage character names?

    Hey berries,
    So I've been brainstorming names for a story I'm writing about 5 sisters.Although I don't have a plot yet,i have the names.Tell me what you think of them and any changes you would make....

    (19 yrs old)Priscilla Constance-oldest sister,seems to be skilled at basically everything.Loves to practice needlework and dreams of being a lady.Engaged to Nathaniel Gene Hansen.Long brown hair,unusually worn in a love knot.Has light blue eyes and is very thin.

    (17 years old)Minerva Lucretia-second oldest sister,spunky and spirted.She loves to paint with her Aunt Florence's water colors and has a cat named Lily Mae.Green eyes and brown hair worn in a ribbon.

    (16years old)Beatrice Josephine-The third sister,considered not only the smartest,but also the sweetest. She loves to bake,especially her Aunt Cordelia's famous cherry pie.She has silky blond hair inherited from her Aunt Cordelia and blue eyes.

    (16 years old)Elizabeth Vera-the somewhat ignorant second youngest sister who has dark brown hair and blue eyes.Elizabeth is in love with Gene Hansen.

    (15 years old)Celia Frances-The youngest sister.Celia has dark raven hair inherited from her Aunt Florence and admires her sisters Pricilla and Beatrice ("Trixie") the most and is mature for her age.

    Also,the mother will be Elsie Leonora and the Father maybe will be (but I need suggestions/feed back), Jamison Edwin.Also,Elsie has three sisters (I know, ALOT of girls) named Cordelia,Florence and Bee (short for Beatrice...unless you berries have other "Bee/Bea" names).What do you guys think?(:
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    I think all of them fit except Elizabeth Vera. Elizabeth seems like a sweet girl, or almost a goody-goody. I think just switching the names around to be Vera Elizabeth would fit her alot better. Also, I like the fact that Beatrice makes her Aunt Cordelia's pie, but would it make more sense to have it be Aunt Bee? I'm assuming that's who she's named after, and I think people always have a special connection with another when they are named after someone. I think for the father, you should just have one "on/in/en" name. What about Edwin James or James Edwin? Something like that would work better. Good luck!
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    So are you writing Pride and Prejudice or what

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