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    I once came across a fantasy book whose main protagonist was named Axis. While the story itself sounded like quite a good read, I just couldn't force myself to buy it - bad character names are a major turn-off for me. If I don't like them, the other factors that usually influence my decision whether to buy a book or not (such as the synopsis, the cover, and the overall impression) really have to stand out in order to outweigh the names. Can anyone relate to this or is it just me who's weird?

    On the other hand, I managed to buy a copy of the first volume of Lorna Freeman's Borderlands trilogy, whose protagonist is a soldier named Rabbit. Go figure.
    Does the name Axel or Axle bother you as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amberdaydream View Post
    A main character called Ever, a girl with a sister called Riley. Makes you wonder who the favourite was.

    Wow, I read that book a few years ago! I like both of the names I think Riley was the main character
    and Ever was her just her (live) sister?
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    For me, I hate when names don't match the time period that the story takes place in, which was mentioned earlier. One that I remember is Brooke for a book that took place in the early 1900s. A bad name I read once was Tandoori, nn Tandy. Would have been kind of cool if her brothers werent Matthew, Harry, and Hugo.
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    A couple years ago I read a book set in the present day (about 11-year-olds) but all the characters had 70's names....very strange.

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    @essjay, I know what you mean, but if you name a present day, sixty year old butcher Callum, which wasn't on the radar until several years ago, it doesn't really fit him or make sense with his personality at all.
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