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    I like:

    Lena (Leh-na)
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    My favorites are

    Lena (Leh-na)
    Girls- Winter, Eden, Colette, River, Charlotte.
    Boys- Atticus, Eliot, Milo, Gideon, Malcolm.

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    These ones are my favorites:

    Marina, Seraphina, Chrysanthi, & Lena.

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    Alina-- this is less obviously Greek and a bit more bland than your other choices
    Marina-- beautiful, dignified, saintly name, works in Italian & Greek, nature-inspired, easy to spell and pronounce: the winner. In honor of the Great Martyr Marina.
    Petra-- I'm very fond of this name, but it does strike others as heavy. It also feels more Slavic rather than Mediterranean. In honor of St Peter
    Juliana-- beautiful and lilting
    Seraphina-- again beautiful and saintly, for St Seraphim. Works in Italian as well as Greek. With a 2-syllable last name you can pull it off.
    Natalie-- prefer the Mediterranean Natalia. Natalia Juliette would be a beautiful pairing.
    Chrysanthi-- I love this name, 'golden flower,' but I would test-drive it with non-Orthodox friends. Also, not sure if there is a St Chrysanthi?
    Philippa-- beautiful and dignified; can be given in honor of St Philip
    Theoni-- I love this name but the usual spelling, Theone, is misread as "the one." Perhaps Theonie?
    Mariana- beautiful but prefer Marina-- less fussy and less close to marinara sauce.
    Marena-- much, much prefer Marina
    Eleni- beautiful, light Greek name, in honor of St Helena. Will strike many as modern and will blend in well with the Kaylees, etc in her classroom.
    Lena (Leh-na)-- nice but less striking than your other choices
    Angel-- much prefer Abgela. Angel is most commonly a Hispanic boys' name; Angela is classier
    Zoey-- not nearly as striking or dignified as your other choices
    Adelaide-- do not prefer-- enjoy your saintly Mediterranean choices more.
    Alika-- I don't know this name either. I looked it up and saw it was a Hawaiian version of Alice? Either way, not as distinctive as your other choices.
    Koralia- don't care for the K
    Evathia- love, though would spell Evanthe / Evanthia
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