View Poll Results: Cora, Coral, Coralie, or Coraline?

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  • Cora

    28 27.72%
  • Coral

    7 6.93%
  • Coralie

    44 43.56%
  • Coraline

    22 21.78%
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    Feb 2011
    Coralie holds a soft spot in my heart. I love this name. I had it on my list forever, but decided to go with another name after some serious negotiations with DH.

    Good luck!

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    Jun 2011
    I voted Coralie. Never really thought about that name before, but it is really lovely. I also like Cora. Coral just reminds me of the trashy character from the Tom Cruise movie Coctail.

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    May 2012
    I've always loved Cora and like the purity and simplicity of it compared to your other choices.

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    I love, love, LOVE Coralie!!! It has been on my list for years, and now that we just found out that I'm pregnant, it's one of our top four options for a girl. To me Coralie has it all - a beautiful girly name with the options of the fun nn's Cora or Coral. Coraline is also really pretty, and I considered adding this to our list, but I worry that it will always be misheard for Caroline. So my vote is for Coralie!!!

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    Apr 2012
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    I'd go with Cora. Coralie would be my nn for Cora. I realize that makes no sense, but that's how I see it.
    Coraline is too close to Caroline, which I prefer.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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