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Thread: Vienne/Vienna

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    My husband and I are still duking it out over a girls name option for baby two.

    We have the boys name cemented. (Miles Owen)
    Our son is Flynn Patrick.

    My husband is stuck on Piper Evangeline. I know a lot of you have expressed that you like this. I'm simply not sold on it yet and I'm waiting for that "aha! That's it" moment, which may be after delivery, so I would like another option.

    My husband and I are polar opposites. He likes Piper, River, Elysia(Alicia), Lily...
    I like Carys, Vera, Ophelie...

    My husband says nature and occupation names. I like Place names that aren't too cliche (think Paris, Brooklyn, etc)... But we both agree that it shouldn't be too "out there" since our other names are still fairly common place. I'm currently stuck on Vienna.

    Middle name suggestions for VIENNA or VIENNE would be much appreciated.

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    Flynn and Vienne sound a little similar to me, so I'd go with Flynn and Vienna. I also think people reading Vienne might be inclined to see Vivienne.

    Vienna Sylvie came to mind as nice. Vienna Evangeline also works. Sadly probably not Vienna Piper.

    I think there might be more overlap than you realize for you too?

    What about

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    My fav Vienna combo is Vienna Celeste. I think this is just beautiful!

    More food for thought:
    India (Love this one, wish I was brave enough myself)
    Avalon (Nature-y place name?)
    Aurora (More common and seems to match both your styles)
    Iris (Piper/River+Carys?)
    Zinnia (Nature name, but for me the same feeling as Vienna)

    Good luck!

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    Vienna is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. I think the above suggestion of Vienna Opal is sweet, and I also think one-syllable middle names would compliment Vienna, such as Vienna Pearl.

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    Absolutely right...Vienne and Flynn do sound super similar. How'd I miss that?

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