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Thread: Any thoughts?

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    Any thoughts?

    Any opinions on the following names...

    Francesca (Frances is a family name that I'm warming too, but if I were to ever have a Frances she would always be known as Frankie and that's pretty much the same for Francesca too) Francesca Hazel Ottilie, Francesca Olwen Ruby, Francesca Sophia Olwen?

    Agnes (too old lady?) Agnes Ottilie Wren, Agnes Lark Sophia - I understand that Agnes Lark is the daughter of Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany but is that really a problem?

    Harriet (I keep hearing it in the UK and can't work out if it's a trendy one here?!) Harriet Georgina Fleur, Harriet Georgina Adele, Harriet Georgina Scout, Harriet Georgina Ruby?

    Juno / Jovie (I keep coming back to both names, and seem unable to let them go for some reason)

    Also, which is your favourite...
    Ottilie Sophia Laurel
    Ottilie Georgina Fleur
    Ottilie Francesca Mabel
    Ottilie Isadora Snow
    Ottilie Georgina Scout
    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

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    Not into Harriet, I'm not fond of the 'harry' sound at all. I prefer Henrietta or Hester. Of he combos for Harriet, I like Harriet Georgina Adele most, but Harriet Georgina is a little clunky, I might split them up at least or change Georgina to something else. Harriet Ruby Adele would be my pick if I could mix it up a little. Harriet Lark Adele or Harriet Lark Georgina are also good.

    I love Francesca, Francesca Olwen Ruby is my favourite combo, but have you considered the alliterative Francesca Ottilie Olwen? I really like that ^^

    Agnes is my favourite from your list, I agree with you on Agnes Lark, it's perfection. It is too recognisable though, so I would go with Agnes Ottilie Wren which is beautiful! With nn Nessie/Nessa I think Agnes seems fresh rather than Old Lady, it's not as clunky as Hazel for example, and Hazel is practically popular! ^^

    I like Juno more than Jovie, and I don't see why you need to let any of them 'go'. Beautiful names! Juno Clementine Olwen or Jovie Shoshana Lark would be stunning!

    Edit: I forgot which Ottilie combo is my favourite, Ottilie Isadora Snow is really appealing, but I have to admit that Ottilie Francesca Mabel flows better. I think it might be the 'ee' sound at the end of Ottilie mixing with the 'ee' in the beginning of Isadora, and I think it would be better with something with two syllables at the end. Ottilie Arabella Juno would be better (with regards to flow)
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    Any opinions on the following names...

    Francesca - Love, Love, Love Francesca. Francesca seems fresher and more spunky than Frances. I like Francesca Ottilie Hazel. Francesca Sophia has a lovely flow to it as well but tacking Olwen on the end seems odd to me because both Francesca and Sophia have a very "latin" feel to them to me and Olwen is very Welsh. I also like Francesca Ottilie Snow and Francesca Sophia Winter for other combinations.

    Agnes (too old lady?) Agnes Ottilie Wren, Agnes Lark Sophia - Agnes is NMS. It reminds me of a medieval nun or something. But it was my great aunt's name and she was a wonderful person. I think the nickname Aggie is cute too. Agnes Lark Sophia sounds nice and I don't think many people are going to know that Jennifer Connelly has a daughter named Agnes Lark and its not a weird name to have so I don't think its an issue.

    Harriet - Harriet is NMS as well, but the nickname Hattie is cute. There's nothing wrong with it and its a nice vintage name. I like Harriet Georgina Scout and Harriet Georgina Ruby

    Juno / Jovie - Both these names seem a bit juvenile to me. They been adorable for a little girl but I couldn't see it on a grown woman unless she was a fashion designer or a supermodel. I think they make for really cute spunky middle names though ...something like Harriet Francesca Juno or Francesca Jovie Wren

    Also, which is your favourite...
    Ottilie Francesca Mabel
    Ottilie Georgina Scout
    Violet Gray
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    Love Francesca! My favourite combo is Francesca Hazel Ottilie.

    Absolutely adore Agnes! I think it's so cute! Agnes Ottilie Wren, is gorgeous, I had this on my list before I moved Ottilie to the first name spot.

    Adore Harriet! <3 Harriet Georgina Fleur, Harriet Georgina Scout and Harriet Georgina Ruby are all gorgeous and you can't go wrong with any of them.

    Juno is not my style, but I think it's a gorgeous, strong name. I'm not a big fan of Jovie, I'm sorry to say.

    Ottilie Georgina Fleur, Ottilie Francesca Mabel (this has also been on my list), Ottilie Isadora Snow and Ottilie Georgina Scout (<3) are all beautiful!
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    Francesca --Personally, I prefer Frances, unless the child is of Italian or Spanish descent (in which case, I love it!). To me, Fransesca is one of those names that has such a strong tie to one ethnicity that it seems odd to use it on a child who is not of that ethnic heritage (like a Chinese girl named Olga--that type of deal). Have you considered Francine? I'm in love with Francine!

    Agnes -- Not too old lady! The old lady names are fresh again, and Agnes is sweet. I like Agnes Lark Sophia.

    Harriet -- This grew on me in the past year. I don't know if it's trending in the U.S., but I doubt it will get very high. I like it because of the tie to Little House on the Prairie, and I love the nickname Hattie. Of your combinations, I like Harriet Georgina Scout.

    Juno / Jovie -- Hm, not a fan of Juno because of the movie by the same name, but Jovie is spunky and precious.

    Favorite Ottilie combo:
    Ottilie Georgina Fleur

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