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    When is alliteration a joke?

    We are torn between Oliver - my favorite, and Nico - DH's favorite. The issue at hand is that our last name is Olson. Does Oliver Olson sound like a joke or something for him to be teased about? I hate the idea of him being called Ollie, much less Ollie Olson. We live in a very Scandinavian part of the US, where the Sven & Ole, and Ole & Lena jokes are well known. I want my son to be taken seriously!

    Do you think Nico is better? I really do like Nico and have no reason not to use it except that I also love Oliver.

    We have added Knox to the mix (See below comment). I'm really liking Knox Oliver Olson and Knox Henry Olson. We would love your opinions of these combinations.
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    I dislike alliteration most of the time, and it's not so much the alliteration here, it's the repeated Ol- sounds. Oliver was the number one boy's name here in the UK and I know loads and loads of Oliver's and 99.99% of them are nicknamed Oli/Ollie so I personally don't think you get away from that nickname.

    Nico Olson is much better IMO, although I'd slightly prefer Nicolai/Nikolai nn Nico/Niko.
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    Oliver Olson is not too bad, Ollie Olson is not good, and overall I would be more concerned with the 'Ole' jokes than anything. Nico is sweet, I really like it ^^
    If you use a longer version of Nico, like Nicolas, you could use Oliver in the middle. Nicolas Oliver Olson is wonderful Nico Oliver works as well, but the back to back O's are a little difficult.
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    I think it's too much. If only the first letter were repeated (Oliver O'Toole) it would be fine, but when it's the entire first syllable it makes the name sound like a children's book character.

    If you want longer versions of Nico (and perhaps to save Oliver for the middle slot, as @dearest suggested, since the Olson problem isn't going away for future kids):

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    Nicholas Oliver Olson
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    Okay, that was what I was afraid of. As much as I thought it could be kind of cute, what boy wants his name to be cute? Especially if he could be teased for it. Oliver is being saved for a middle name option.

    Nico is still in the mix, but I don't like any longer versions of it. I think the mixture of me being overly hormonal and an overly anylitical baby name perfectionist has me worried about Nico as well. I can't get myself to love the name Nico. Believe me, I'm trying. I even spent the last few days calling the baby Nico - I just don't know if it feels right - and I tend to go with my feelings rather than my head.

    I'm annoying my husband I'm sure just as much as I'm annoying you patient, and helpful berries. I'm sorry for being so indecisive, and for taking so much room on the boards!

    DH did suggest Knox this morning! I hadn't thought of that before, but I actually quite like it. It has a cool edge to it. Opinions of Knox?
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