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    Soap Opera Family

    People that live in UK will probably know about the soap called Emmerdale and the biggest family there is the Dingles,the game is so simple I will give you the names of the soap characters but you have to take the Intials and make a new name
    DS: Jedediah Jarvis
    DS: Johnathan Jermain
    So let's begin
    (DGF- Dear GrandFather DGM- Dear GrandMother A:Affairess)
    DGF: Jedediah Jarvis Dingle
    DGM: Mairead Peggy Dingle
    DS1: Shadrach Andrew Dingle (62)deceased
    DS2: Albert Ezeikel Dingle unknown
    DS3: Zachariah Bartholomew Dingle (58)
    DS4: Caleb Micheal Dingle unknown
    DS5: Ezra Jarvis Dingle unknown
    DS6: Zebediah Kenneth Dingle unknown

    DS1: Shadrach Andrew Dingle (62)
    DW: Faith Louise Dingle
    DD1a: Chastity Lucy Dingle
    A: Shirley Walker
    DD2b: Genesis Paula Walker

    DS2: Albert Ezekiel Dingle
    DW: Deliah Daisy Dingle
    DS1d: Marlon Sebastain Dingle
    DS2e: Eli Joseph Dingle

    DS3: Zachariah Bartholomew Dingle
    DW: Nellie Sandra Dingle divorced
    DS1f: Nathan William Dingle
    DS2g: Francis Albert Dingle "Butch" deceased
    DS3h: Benedict Alan Dingle deceased
    DD1i: Tina Caroline Dingle
    DS4k: Samuel Johan Dingle
    A: Faith Louise Dingle
    DS5l: Cain George Dingle
    DW: Lisa May Dingle
    DD2m: Tinkerbelle Lisa Dingle

    DS4: Caleb Micheal Dingle
    DW: Vera Lynn Dingle
    DD1n: Amanda Rose Dingle

    DS5: Ezra Jarvis Dingle

    Great Grandchildren
    DS6: Zebediah Kenneth Dingle
    DW: Colleen Cleo Dingle
    DD1: Delilah Hayley Dingle
    DD2o: Lilith Mary Dingle

    DD1a: Chasisty Lucy Dingle
    DH: Gordan Livesy divorced
    DS: Aaron Danny Livesy

    DD2b: Genesis Paula Sharma
    DH: Nikhill Sharma
    DD: no name yet

    DS1c: Marlon Sebastain Dingle
    DW: Trica Dingle deceased
    DW: Donna Dingle divorced
    DG: Rhona Goskirk (girlfriend not with now)

    DS2e: Eli Joesph Dingle
    no one

    DS1f: Nathan William Dingle

    DS2g: Francis Albert Dingle "butch" deceased
    DW: Amanda Rose Dingle divorced (yes they are cousins!)
    DW: Emily Kate Dingle

    DS3h: Benedict Alan Dingle
    no one

    DD1i: Tina Caroline Dingle
    no one

    DS4k: Samual Johna Dingle
    DW: Alice Edith Rose Dingle deceased
    DS: Samson Bradley Dingle

    DS4: Cain George Dingle
    DG: Charity Emma Dingle (girlfriend not with now)
    DD1p: Deborah Charley Dingle
    A: Amy Alice Wyatt
    DS1: Kyle Stuart Wyatt

    DD2m: Tinkerbelle Lisa Dingle
    No one

    Great Great Grandchild
    DD1o: Lilith Mary Dingle
    DH: Bruce Armstrong
    DS1: Luke Dean Armstrong
    DS2: Mark Cormac Armstrong twin
    DS3: Matthew Joshua Armstrong twin
    DD1: Jon Kathleen Armstrong

    DD1p: Deborah Charley Dingle
    ONS: Andrew Kevin Sudgen ( One night stand)
    DD1: Sarah Charity Sudgen
    ONS: Andrew Kevin Sudgen (Need saviour sibling for Sarah)
    DS1: Jack Cain Sudgen
    |Arlo Benjamin |Caleb August |Ezra Scott |Jacob Harrison |Jude Apollo |Lincoln River |Myles Hunter |Seth Gideon |Watson Christopher
    |Audrey Pearl |Calla Louise |Celeste Adora |Delilah Posey |Lydia Katherine |Mila Selene |Saskia Willow |Selah Elise |Stella Elizabeth |

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    DGF: Jonathan James DaSilveira.
    DGM: Mary Penelope DaSilveira.

    DS1: Samuel Andrew DaSilveira.
    DS2: Alexander Elijah DaSilveira.
    DS3: Zac Brian DaSilveira.
    DS4: Cameron Mark DaSilveira.
    DS5: Ezekiel Zane DaSilveira.
    DS6: Zephyr Kellen DaSilveira.

    DS1: Samuel Andrew DaSilveira.
    DW: Francesca Louise DaSilveira.
    DD1a: Charlotte Leanne DaSilveira.
    A: Sydney Wolf.
    DD2b: Geneva Paige Wolf.

    DS2: Alexander Elijah DaSilveira.
    DW: Daisy Danielle DaSilveira.
    DS1d: Michael Solomon DaSilveira.
    DS2e: Emmett Julian DaSilveira.

    DS3: Zac Brian DaSilveira.
    DW: Natalie Sarah DaSilveira.
    DS1f: Nathaniel William DaSilveira.
    DS2g: Francis Abraham DaSilveira.
    DS3h: Benjamin Atlas DaSilveira.
    DD1i: Tempest Catherine DaSilveira.
    DS4k: Sampson Jude DaSilveira.
    A: Francesca Louise DaSilveira.
    DS5l: Cruz Gregor DaSilveira.
    DW: Louisa Adela DaSilveira.
    DD2m: Tamarah Linda DaSilveira.

    DS4: Cameron Mark DaSilveira.
    DW: Violet Lynn DaSilveira.
    DD1n: Ariel Rose DaSilveira.

    DS6: Zephyr Kellen DaSilveira.
    DW: Cecilia Catharine DaSilveira.
    DD1: Daniela Hazel DaSilveira.
    DD2o: Lavinia Marie DaSilveira.

    DD1a: Charlotte Leanne LaCasse.
    DH: Gordon LaCasse.
    DS: Axel Derrick LaCasse.

    DD2b: Geneva Paige Sayers.
    DH: Nicholas Sayers.
    DD: Zoe Zillah Sayers.

    DS1c: Michael Solomon DaSilveira.
    DW: Trudy DaSilveira.
    DW: Diana DaSilveira.
    DG: Rachel Gaj.

    DS2g: Francis Abraham DaSilveira.
    DW: Ariel Rose DaSilveira.
    DW: Eugenie Katherine DaSilveira.

    DS4k: Sampson Jude DaSilveira.
    DW: Angelica Evelyn Rochelle DaSilveira.
    DS: Sawyer Brandon DaSilveira.

    DS4: Cruz Gregor DaSilveira.
    DG: Chloe Elizabeth DaSilveira.
    DD1p: Daniella Claire DaSilveira.
    A: Aurora Ann Wall.
    DS1: Kyle Sirius Wall.

    DD1o: Lavinia Marie Alvarez.
    DH: Brendon Alvarez.
    DS1: Levi Darius Alvarez.
    DS2: Marshall Conrad Alvarez.
    DS3: Matthew Jack Alvarez.
    DD1: Jordan Kelsey Alvarez.

    DD1p: Daniella Claire DaSilveira.
    ONS: Alden Kamden Simpson.
    DD1: Sadie Chastity Simpson.
    ONS: Alden Kamden Simpson.
    DS1: Jackson Carl Simpson.

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    DGF: Joseph Jack Delaney
    DGM: Margaret Pippa Delaney
    - DS1: Samuel Alan Delaney
    - DS2: Andrew Eric Delaney
    - DS3: Zachary Bruno Delaney
    - DS4: Callum Matthew Delaney
    - DS5: Edward James Delaney
    - DS6: Zane Kameron Delaney


    DS1: Samuel Alan Delaney
    DW: Farrah Lucile Delaney
    - DD1: Charlotte Lily Delaney
    A: Susannah Wilson
    - DD2: Grace Pixie Wilson


    DS2: Andrew Eric Delaney
    DW: Dora Danielle Delaney
    - DS1: Mason Saul Delaney
    - DS2: Ezra Joel Delaney


    DS3: Zachary Bruno Delaney
    DW1: Nicola Stephanie Delaney
    - DS1: Noah William Delaney
    - DS2: Felix Abraham Delaney
    - DS3: Benjamin Aiden Delaney
    - DD1: Taliah Chloe Delaney
    - DS4: Sebastian Jameson Delaney
    A: Farrah Lucile Delaney
    - DS5: Carter George Delaney
    DW2: Louisa Madeline Delaney
    - DD2: Tessa Lucy Delaney


    DS4: Callum Matthew Delaney
    DW: Victoria Lacey Delaney
    - DD1: Amelia Ruth Delaney


    DS5: Edward James Delaney


    DS6: Zane Kameron Delaney
    DW: Claire Christina Delaney
    - DD1: Daisy Haylie Delaney
    - DD2: Lauren Matilda Delaney


    DH: Gregory Lawson
    DD1: Charlotte Lily Delaney
    - DS1: Abigail Demi Lawson


    DH: Nathaniel Simpson
    DD2: Grace Pixie Simpson
    - DD1: Imogen Simpson


    DS1: Mason Saul Delaney
    DW1: Tara Delaney
    DW2: Delilah Delaney
    DG1: Rebekah Green


    DS2: Ezra Joel Delaney


    DS1: Noah William Delaney


    DS2: Felix Abraham Delaney
    DW1: Alice Rosalie Delaney
    DW2: Esmé Kate Delaney


    DS3: Benjamin Aiden Delaney


    DD1: Taliah Chloe Delaney


    DS4: Sebastian Jameson Delaney
    DW: Ailsa Eden-Rose Delaney
    - DS1: Spencer Brandon Delaney


    DS5: Carter George Delaney
    DG: Caitlin Eleanor Delaney
    - DD1: Daniela Cara Delaney
    A: Amy Annabel Wilkins
    - DS1: Kallan Simeon Wilkins


    DD2: Tessa Lucy Delaney


    DH: Bradley Appleton
    DD1: Lauren Matilda Delaney
    - DS1: Lucas Daniel Appleton
    - DS2/DS3: Milo Charlie Appleton & Micah Jensen Appleton
    - DD1: Jasmine Keira Appleton


    DD1: Daniela Cara Delaney
    DB: Arlo Kallan Stephens
    - DD1: Sophia Crystal Stephens
    - DS1: Jacob Camden Stephens
    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    James Jonathan Donoghue m. Molly Philippa
    -Samuel Arthur Donoghue m. Fiona Lydia (Mistress: Shea Wallace)
    --Catherine Lydia Donoghue (Fiona's) m. George Lennon
    ---Abraham David Lennon
    --Grace Philippa Donoghue (Shea's) m. Nicholas Sullivan
    -Andrew Elias Donoghue m. Deirdre Deborah
    --Michael Seamus Donoghue m. Tatiana & Davina d. Rachel Gallagher
    --Eoin James Donoghue
    -Zachariah Brian Donoghue m. Nellie Susanna & Lillian Mary (Mistress: Fiona Lydia Donoghue)
    --Noah William Donoghue (Nellie's)
    --Felix Alexander Donoghue (Nellie's) m. Alice Rosamund & Emma Katherine
    --Benjamin Andrew Donoghue (Nellie's)
    --Tabitha Christina Donoghue (Nellie's)
    --Stephen James Donoghue (Nellie's) m. Amanda Emily Rose
    ---Samuel Brian Donoghue
    --Cyrus George Donoghue (Fiona's) d. Carina Elizabeth (Mistress: Amelia Anne Williams)
    ---Dinah Caroline Donoghue
    ---Keegan Silas Williams
    --Tessa Louise Donoghue (Lillian's)
    -Caleb Michael Donoghue m. Veronica Louisa
    --Alice Rosamund Donoghue
    -Elijah James Donoghue
    -Zebadiah Kieran Donoghue m. Catherine Colleen
    --Danielle Hannah Donoghue (ONS Adam Kevin Sloane)
    ---Sabrina Charlotte Donoghue
    ---James Christopher Donoghue
    --Louise Mary Donoghue m. Benjamin Archer
    ---Lachlan Deforest Archer
    ---Malcolm Charles Archer
    ---Maxwell James Archer
    ---Joanna Kathleen Archer
    Abhla | Alice | Audrey | Beatrice | Cecilia | Constance | Cordelia | Eilís | Genevieve | Gráinne | Harriet | Helena | Honora | Iris | Isolde | Ivy | Juno | Louise | Maud | Moira | Orla | Rosalind | Síomha | Tuathla | Veronica

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