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    Did You Find Out The Gender??

    My best friend is six months pregnant with her first baby. Originally, they weren't going to find out the sex - they wanted it to be a surprise. But at her last ultrasound, when asked if they wanted to know the sex, she said yes! I guess the suspense was too much for her lol

    We will be TTC next month, so it got me thinking about whether or not I would want to find out the sex when we become pregnant. I think I want it to be a surprise. Did you find out the sex before your baby was born or not? Do you regret your decision? What, in your opinion, are the pros and cons of both sides? Thanks

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    I found out before she was born! But I hate surprises, grill my husband about my birthday gifts, ect. I felt I wanted any & all info about my baby. It was all so exciting. I felt that meeting her & seeing that face was surprise enough

    My best friend had 2 pregnancies and didn't find out before the births. I think it's so awesome to have that moment too and for her & her husband it was the best mystery ever!

    I think it comes down to how you feel about it & how prepared for gender you feel you want to be. I personally didn't do the pink nursery thing but if you want to do that I guess you should find out! For me I found out cause like I said- I wanted any info about that little person I could get! My friend wanted the experience of the surprise. Do whatever feels right.

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    I was 15 when I had my first daughter, Eliska. With her, I found out because I was really young an the suspense was killing both me,my now husband and all of my friends. Plus all my friends and I could talk about were names and so we just HAD to find out. With Gabe and Naomi, I waited until the birth and with the twins I found out. In all honesty, both of them are very special. Its so hard waiting to find out the gender but a great surprise when the doctor says: 'Aww it a litttle ___' But finding out also makes it seem more real in a way. If I ever get pregnant again, I will definitely be finding out the gender because the sus[ense kills me!

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    It was not question for me that I wanted to know. I feel like buying stuff for him and picking out names would be easier, plus I've never been great about surprises. As a kid, I always hunted the house for clues to Christmas presents. But it's really a personal decision. The most important part is that either way, you and your husband are on the same page about it. My mom waited to find out until I was born and neither of us regret our decisions. If you do decide to wait, make sure your ultrasound tech knows. For my 20 week u.s. there was a screen pointed right at me and it was obvious he was a boy whether she pointed it out or not. You can also ask that the tech put the info in an envelope, so you'll have the info if you want it. I've heard that some people will do that then have a baker make a colored cake or something, so you can have friends and family over and all find out together--and get to eat cake in the process.

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