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    What would you do?

    Hi all.
    Im expecting my fifth child. It was a shock and a surprise. We actually had decided that we had completed our family, i even had an IUD but somehow i wound up pregnant. Pregnancy with IUD can be risky and i opted to have it removed, which was also risky because miscarriage is high, i could have waited but removing it asap was better in the long run, for baby and me.

    Fortunately it was successful and myself and baby are fine. This wee one definitely wants to be apart of out family! defying all the odds!

    We live in a beautiful big home, when we brought it we knew eventually as the children grew we would grow into it. Currently our bedroom and all the children's bedrooms are on one floor. With baby on the way we won't have any room upstairs so we are thinking to move one or two children into the downstairs area which is all ready to be lived in, at the moment its just spare rooms and a big lounge type room.

    My husband laughs at me but I'm worried the children are too young. Ive asked friends and family and they've given me their thoughts but id love to hear what you guys think, sometimes advice or opinions from strangers are better than those that you know.

    So the options are:
    Oldest son by himself downstairs (he's 5) and move his brother down there when he's a little older.
    Son and oldest daughter in separate rooms (5 & 3)
    Two sons to share (5 & 19 months) Or the boys could each have their own room downstairs.

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    I am personally not that comfortable with having such young children so far away, but I am a little hyper about things like that. I don't think children, especially very young ones like yours, need their own bedrooms. (different genders I can see, but there is no reason a 5 yr old and a 19 month old, if they aren't sharing now can't start sharing a room upstairs). If you use the downstairs area for play and set up a desk or other area for those type of things then the bedrooms aren't as "crowded" for non-sleep activities. It's good to have each child have their own space, but you may be able to accomplish that in the extra downstairs area. Just an idea.

    I don't know how you typically work things, but we co-sleep (or at least have baby in a crib in our room) for several months. This could postpone your decision a bit by having the baby room with you and your DH. You could set up a changing/dressing area for the baby in the spare downstairs area.

    Congrats on your new little miracle!
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    If it were me, I would move myself and my husband downstairs instead of moving any children. I just feel that's it's safer overall since if there was a break-in, you would be able to hear it and get in between someone else and your children. I do agree with crunchymama though that your children are young enough that they should be fine sharing rooms. Since your children are so young, you could have the oldest two share a room even though they're different genders or have both of your boys share a room. I would try either of those solutions first before moving anyone downstairs.

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    I was 5 when I moved from upstairs to downstairs. The room I had been in was right next to my parents' room, but was really tiny, so for me to have some room to actually get on the floor and play, they let me move into the downstairs bedroom. I remember feeling excited and "grown up" instead of scared. I was big enough to turn on the lights or go upstairs if I did need my parents for something.

    Room sharing isn't a bad option either, though, provided the rooms are large enough to accommodate them both. I would put the boys together instead of the oldest son and daughter. Not that it would hurt them to be roomed together, but a lot of kids develop modesty around 5-7 years old.

    It sounds like you've got a fair amount of space to work with, and have multiple options. You can always try out a new rooming situation and if it isn't working, revisit the issue.

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    I don't think your kids should be on seperate floors. It's dangerous, and chances are that they won't like being alone on a floor. They're quite young, and in the event of a fire, it's THAT more difficult and stressful to get to them and then get out.

    I'd but the two boys in one room together. I was going to share a room with the new maybe if he had been a girl, and I was 9.

    I'd keep the boys in one room, and the girls in another. Keep the newborn with you, and then when he/she is older put them in the respective room.
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