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    Starting over...please help

    I'm due in 12 days and am a complete loss for a name. A little bit of background on how I got here. 1st I started out a little too picky and shot down like every name that I didn't come up with myself, second I wanted to use my grandfathers name who just recently passed away but as selfish as this may sound I can't wrap my head around using it because I simply do NOT like the name and I also feel like using it as a middle name it just doesn't go with my sons name. I wanted something short and sweet like my first son's name. So I'm wiping the slate clean and starting completely over my ONLY criteria is to LOVE the name like I do my son's name and I do kind of want a 1 syllable middle name. My son is named Keian Tate (Keian pronounced Key-in)

    Some names we or I definitely like but I just don't think are it....
    Lennox nn Knox(number one name hubby and I agree on)
    Nolan(starting to become my favorite)
    Luca(hubby not a fan)
    Zayven(Not a name but I just love how it sounds)(I don't care for Xavier and Zayden)
    Jonah Kai(I LOVE how this flows but it's not what I want)

    I also looooooove Matteo nn Teo(one of hubbys favorite names) but it is becoming far to popular
    I like Dexter nn Dex( hubby thinks it's weird bc of the show)

    Berries you're my ONLY hope..hubby is about sick to death of me being indecisive and no real help at all. I wanted to find something we both loved because I felt like that was fair but at this point he's doesn't give any new input just basically says he doesn't really like anything I say. So I'm starting over and looking to find the perfect combo with Keian Tate! Also any advice on how to not be so picky. I just feel as though nothing comes close to the love I have for my sons name!

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    From your list I like Nolan the most. It has a great meaning and it isn't overly popular. It also has a handsome ring to it.

    Other names I think go well with Keian:

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    It sound like Matteo would be the best option since both you and your husband love it! It is much less popular than Nolan...

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    I actually really like Damon although we have a first cousin named Damon. Not really into the others I think they just aren't really my style. But thank you for your suggestions very much appreciated!

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