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Thread: Game with a Die

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    Game with a Die

    Name Game with Dice

    Roll a die here: for how many children you have

    For each child roll- odd for boys, even for girls

    1. First name: Must end in A for girl or N for boy
    Middle name: based on what month you were born
    January: Elaine/William
    February: Phillipa/Augustus
    March: Isadore/Gavin
    April: Francesca/Daniel
    May: Juniper/Silas
    June: Lauren/Cedric
    July: Katherine/Elias
    August: Zoe/Ulysses
    September: Olivia/Vincent
    October: Patricia/Jonathan
    November: Eden/Evan
    December: Tara/Finley

    2. First name: must start with the same letter as your middle name
    Middle name: an ethnic or gender variant of your SOs name (if you are single use your own name instead)

    3. First name: must be of a national/ethnic origin that you (and your SO if you have one) have no ties to- ie; if you have known french ancestry you can't use names of french origin for this number
    Middle name: Must be the same syllable count as your name

    4. First name: a name in the bottom ten of the top 1,000
    Middle name: a guilty pleasure name

    5. First name: A Shakespearean name
    Middle name: honor someone who isn't related to you

    6. First name: Must start and end with the same letter
    Middle name: must be a name from the previous posters signature (either a first or a middle, if they don't have a signature displayed use your own)
    Ladies: Cordelia Guinevere (Del), Lavinia Charlotte (Vinnie), Desdemona Ophelia (Pip)

    Gentlemen: Leopold Rowan (Leo), Frederick Adrian (Fritz), Thedore Henry (Ted)

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