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    CAF Quiz -- LENGTHY but with freedom

    DH's name is based on colors

    FN is based on your favorite color:

    Black Orange or Red: Starts with D
    Pink or Purple: 4 Syllables
    Green or Blue: Ends in S
    Brown, Grey, White: Place name
    Yellow or Other: Starts with P

    MN is based on your eye color:

    Green or Blue: Same Syllables as FN
    Brown or Hazel: Ends with Same letter as FN
    Other or Combo: Starts with Same letter as FN

    DW's name is based on locations:

    FN is based on location of your birth:
    North America: 3 syllables
    South America: starts with R
    Australia: ends in Y
    Africa: Object name
    Asia: Unisex name
    Europe: Name of a movie character

    MN is based on location you are in now:
    Home: Starts with same letter as FN
    School: Variation of your actual name
    Work: Ends with same letter as FN
    Other: Ends in E

    DD1's name is based on seasons:

    FN is based on season you were born in:
    Spring: Nature Name
    Summer: Bright, sunny name
    Winter: Cool, mysterious name
    Fall: Guilty pleasure name

    MN is based on season you enjoy best:
    Spring: 2 syllables
    Summer: 3 syllables
    Winter: 1 syllable
    Fall: 2 middle names

    DD2's name is based on numbers

    FN is based on your age:

    Under 18: 2 syllables
    19-30: Starts with same initial as your name
    31-50: Ends in same letter as your name
    51+: 4 syllables
    Prefer not to say: 1 syllable

    MN is based on number of children you have:
    0: Starts with B
    1: Ends in R
    2: Starts with P
    3+: Ends in L

    DS1's name is based on food

    FN is based on type of cuisine you enjoy best:
    Asian or Indian: Starts with T
    American: Ends in M
    Italian: Starts with L
    French: Ends in C
    Other: 4 Syllables

    MN is based on meal you enjoy most:
    Breakfast: 3 syllables
    Lunch: Ends in H
    Dinner: Starts with H
    Midnight Snack: Starts with same letter as FN
    Other Snack: Starts with same letter as your name
    Dessert: Ends in Y

    DD/DD: The twins have the same first & middle initials. Their names are based on Your birthday

    Both FNs are based on your birth month

    Jan-Mar: Flower names
    Apr-Jun: Names that start with C
    July-Sep: Names that end in I
    Oct-Dec: Names that include an N in the middle

    Both MNs are based on birth date

    1-10: Artsy sounding names
    11-20: Names that remind you of rain
    21-31: Names of people you know

    DS/DS/DD: The triplets all have the same first initial and different middle initials. Their names are based on activities:

    All 3 FNs are based on your hobbies

    Artsy hobbies: names that end in Y, N, or R
    Athletic hobbies: names with 1 syllable
    Bookworm hobbies: unisex names
    Outdoorsy hobbies: names in your family
    Other hobbies: names from books you've read

    All 3 MNs are based on your fav. part of the day

    Work: 1 syllable
    School: 2 syllables
    Sleep: 3 syllables
    Shower: 4 syllables
    TV: end in N
    Meals: end in L
    Other: end in K

    Youngest DD's name is based on sounds:

    FN based on favorite genre of music:
    Rock/Pop: Name that soundS edgy or bold
    Country/Jazz: Name of celebrity
    Rap/R&B: Color name
    Classical/Other: Frilly, feminine name

    MN is based on your favorite outdoor sounds:
    Rain: starts with A
    Thunder: starts with E
    Ocean/water: starts with I
    Birds/Bees: Starts with O
    Other: Starts with U or Y

    Youngest DS's name is based on your hair:

    FN is based on hair color:
    Brown or Black: Fantasy name
    Grey or White: Hero sounding name
    Blonde or Red: Name that is new to you
    Other: Name of someone you know

    MN is based on your hair texture:
    Curly: Starts with W
    Wavy: Starts with S
    Straight: Starts with J

    Your 1 Pet's info is based on your nameberry username: (you can choose gender)

    Type of Animal is based on where your nameberry username comes from:
    Your name or kids names: Dog or Cat (you choose)
    A favorite color, book, movie, or song: Lizard or Bird (you choose)
    Something else about you: Mouse, Rabbit, Hamster (you choose)
    Random/Other: Something exotic (you choose)

    Pet's name is based on what your nameberry username starts with

    A-L: Food name
    M-Z: Ends in Y
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    D6: Margot Elena
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