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Thread: Loads of Kids

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    LN: Moore

    DH: Alfie Loyal
    DW: Sophie Scarlet

    DS: Archer Warren
    DS: Jasper Reid
    DD: Lila Maeve
    DS&DD: Flynn Peter & Chiara Bonnie
    DS: Bravery Edward (Bray)
    DS&DS&DD: Leo Harvey & Dominic Jesse (Dom) & Marianne Isla (Annie)
    DD&DD: Gaia Starling & Thea Merle
    DS&DS&DS&DS&DD&DD&DD: Cade Harry (Harry) & Stellan Jack (Jack) & Ronan Sam (Sam) & Colt Charlie (Charlie) & Rosie Sky & Elsa Fay & Lorna Sophie

    Archer, Jasper, Lila, Flynn, Chiara, Bray, Leo, Dom, Annie, Gaia, Thea, Harry, Jack, Sam, Charlie, Rosie, Elsa and Lorna.

    (had to use random choices for the last girls because my browser couldn't handle the really long list!)
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    LN: Williams

    DH: Arthur Hardy
    DW: Lucille Lila

    DS: Archer Hayes

    DS: Tennessee Sparrow

    DD: Lila Audrey

    DS&DD: Keaton Cornelius
    Rosalie Georgia

    DS: August Huckleberry

    DS&DS&DD: Alastair Cassidy, Theodore Walter, Cordelia Esme

    DD&DD: Amaryllis Dawn, Xanthe Temperance

    DS&DS&DS&DS&DD&DD&DD: Peregrine Joe, Sterling Jack, Apollo Sam

    Having a hard time getting the last list to load. :?
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