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    The Family Tree! *Initialised

    This isn't my real family tree...but now you're going to make one! Create their names using the initials given. Remember, try to use names based on that era. It begins with the early 1900's. Great Grandma.

    My Great Great Grandparents' Family:
    DH: LH
    DW: MT
    DD: ER
    DD: JK... -The Great Grandmother
    DS: RL
    DD: TA
    DS: IR
    DD: AEL

    My Great Grandma's Family:
    DW: (-Great Grandma JK)
    DH: TR
    DS: TR
    DS: JE
    DS: DMN
    DD: AMT
    DD: HJ... -The Grandma
    DS: RW

    My Grandma's Family:
    DW: (-Grandma HJ)
    DH: RJ
    DS: RJ
    DS: FTR
    DS: KE
    DD: MN
    DD: TL... -My Mom
    DS: ERK

    My Mom's Family:
    DW: (-Mom TL)
    DH: TG
    DS: JR
    DS: MJ
    DD: AN... -Me
    DS: JM
    DD: SAJ

    My Family:
    DW: (-Me AN)
    DH: CBJ
    DS: CJ
    DS: JS
    DD: KJ

    Have fun! Good luck! I'm going to play as well
    🎀❤️ Mama to Korra Jane 06/21/2017 ❤️🎀

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    My Great Great Grandparents' Family:
    DH: Lionel Harold
    DW: Mary Teresa
    DD: Eleanor Rebecca
    DD: Jane Katherine... -The Great Grandmother
    DS: Richard Lionel
    DD: Teresa Abigail
    DS/DS: Thomas Kendall Elliot/Timothy Michael Lucas
    DS: Irene Rose
    DD/DD: Sarah Felicity Dot/Sandra Penelope Kit
    DD: Anna Elizabeth Laura

    My Great Grandma's Family:
    DW: Jane Katherine
    DH: Thomas Richard
    DS: Thomas Richard II
    DS: Jeremiah Emmett
    DS: Dale Matthew Noah
    DD: Alice Maria Teresa
    DD/DS: Rebecca Emily Samantha/Samuel Emery Reid
    DD: Helen Josephine... -The Grandma
    DS: Randall William

    My Grandma's Family:
    DW: Helen Josephine
    DH: Robert Joseph
    DD/DD/DD: Annalisa Beth/Alyssa Brie/Adeline Blair
    DS: Robert Joseph II
    DS: Frederick Thomas Roger
    DS: Keith Eli
    DD: Melissa Noel
    DS/DS: Douglas Lee Solomon/Donald Lars Samuel
    DD: Tammy Lynn... -My Mom
    DS: Eric Ryan Kendrick

    My Mom's Family:
    DW: Tammy Lynn
    DH: Terry George
    DS: Jacob Reid
    DS: Mitchell John
    DD: Ainslie Nicole... -Me
    DS: Jason Michael
    DD: Sarah Ann Jordan

    My Family:
    DW: Ainslie Nicole
    DH: Christopher Bryan Jacob
    DS: Colton Joseph
    DS: Jasper Spencer
    DD: Khaleesi Jane
    🎀❤️ Mama to Korra Jane 06/21/2017 ❤️🎀

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    My Great Great Grandparents' Family:
    DH: Louis Henry
    DW: Mary Theresa
    DD: Emily Rose
    DD: Jane Kathrine... -The Great Grandmother
    DS: Robert Lee
    DD: Tina Ann
    DS/DS: Tyler Kyle Emmanuel /Trenton Micahel Louis
    DS: Isaac Raymond
    DD/DD: Sara Faith Diane/Sally Pamela Kay
    DD: Anna Elizabeth Lorraine

    My Great Grandma's Family:
    DW: (-Great Grandma Jane Katherine)
    DH: Thomas Royce
    DS: Timothy Royce
    DS: James Edward
    DS: Daniel Matthew Nicholas
    DD: Abigail Marie Theresa
    DD/DS: Rebecca Elaine Suzanne/Samuel Elliot Ray
    DD: Hannah Joy... -The Grandma
    DS: Rodney William

    My Grandma's Family:
    DW: (-Grandma Hannah Joy)
    DH: Robert Jackson
    DD/DD/DD: Anastasia Brooke /Audrey Beth /Alexandria Breann
    DS: Ryan James
    DS: Franklin Timothy Ross
    DS: Kevin Elijah
    DD: Melissa Nicole
    DS/DS: Daniel Liam Shawn /Dennis Leroy Stephen
    DD: Tonya Lynn... -My Mom
    DS: Eric Robert Kyle

    My Mom's Family:
    DW: (-Mom Tonya Lynn)
    DH: Thomas Gregory
    DS: Jonathan Robert
    DS: Michael Joseph
    DD: Amber Nicole... -Me
    DS: Jacob Matthew
    DD: Samantha Audrey Jane

    My Family:
    DW: (-Me Amber Nicole)
    DH: Christopher Brandon James
    DS: Carter James
    DS: Joshua Samuel
    DD: Kaitlyn Joy

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    Great Great Grandparents' Family:
    DH: Leon Howard
    DW: Marian Theresa
    DD: Evelyn Rose
    DD: Janice Katherine... -The Great Grandmother
    DS: Robert Leon
    DD: Theresa Anne
    DS/DS: Thomas Kenneth Edmond / Travis Michael Lawrence
    DS: Isaac Richard
    DD/DD: Sarah Felicity Dawn / Susan Patricia Kaye
    DD: Alice Emily Louise

    Great Grandma's Family:
    DW: Janice Katherine
    DH: Todd Roger
    DS: Todd Roger Jr.
    DS: James Edwin
    DS: David Matthew Noel
    DD: Anna Marie Theresa
    DD/DS: Rachel Emma Sue / Samuel Eric Robert
    DD: Helena Juliet... -The Grandma
    DS: Randall Wallace

    Grandma's Family:
    DW: Helena Juliet
    DH: Rupert Jonah
    DD/DD/DD: Abigail Blythe / Annabel Blair / Allison Bliss
    DS: Roland John
    DS: Francis Tanner Rodney
    DS: Keith Emery
    DD: Melanie Nicole
    DS/DS: Daniel Lucas Scott / Derrick Lincoln Shane
    DD: Tamara Lorraine... -Mom
    DS: Elliott Robert Kent

    Mom's Family:
    DW: Tamara Lorraine
    DH: Trevor Graham
    DS: Jason Ridley
    DS: Martin John
    DD: Amy Nichelle... -Me
    DS: Justin Maxwell
    DD: Stephanie Ann Jessica

    My Family:
    DW: Amy Nichelle
    DH: Colin Bradley Julius
    DS: Conrad Justus
    DS: Jagger Stanton
    DD: Keller Jasmine
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    My Great Great Grandparents' Family:
    DH: Leander Hugo (Lea)
    DW: Maude Tillie (Tillie)
    DD: Eugenie Ruth (Genie)
    DD: Josephine Kate (Josie) -The Great Grandmother
    DS: Rupert Leander (Rue)
    DD: Tilda Adelaide (Addie)
    DS/DS: Theodore Kirby Edward (Teddy) & Thadeus Myles Leopold (Thad)
    DS: Isaac Rudolph (Ike)
    DD/DD: Sarah Faye Kathleen (Sadie) & Susan Pearl Katherine (Susie)
    DD: Amelia Elizabeth Louise (Millie)

    My Great Grandma's Family:
    DW: Josephine Kate (Josie)
    DH: Timothy Roger (Tim)
    DS: Truman Roderick (Ricky)
    DS: Jasper Elliott (Jas)
    DS: Dominick Maxwell Nicholas (Nicky)
    DD: Agatha Maude Theodora (Aggie)
    DD/DS: Rowena Eleanor Sophia (Ellie) & Stanley Edmund Rufus (Eddie)
    DD: Harriet Josephine (Hattie) -The Grandma
    DS: Rex Walter (Walt)

    My Grandma's Family:
    DW: Harriet Josephine (Hattie) -Grandma
    DH: Raphael James (Raph)
    DD/DD/DD: Alice Beverly (Allie), Anna Bernadette (Annie) & Adele Beatrice (Addie)
    DS: Roger James (Rodge)
    DS: Frederick Timothy Raphael (Freddie)
    DS: Kendall Edward (Kenny)
    DD: Melinda Nicole (Linda)
    DS/DS: Dennis Leander Steward (Denny) & Dexter Lawrence Samuel (Dex)
    DD: Thea Louise (Thea Lou) -My Mom
    DS: Edwin Ralph Kenneth (Eddie)

    My Mom's Family:
    DW: Thea Louise (Thea Lou) -Mom
    DH: Toby George
    DS: Jesse Ryan (Jess)
    DS: Micah Jason (Mick)
    DD: Amy Noelle (Aimes) -Me
    DS: Justin Morgan
    DD: Stacie Andrea Jillian

    My Family:
    DW: Amy Noelle (Aimes) -Me
    DH: Christopher Bradley James (Chris)
    DS: Charles James (Charlie)
    DS: Jasper Samuel (Jas)
    DD: Kathleen Joan (Kathy)

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