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    Unique Naming Dilemma, Help!

    Some good friends of mine just told me they were going to be having twins! Which is thrilling news as they were told they might not have children. Now they're going to be having a little boy and a little girl and the dad wants his son to have his name, Alexander, which they both love and it's tradition in his family.
    The dilemma is these friends names are Alexander & Alexandra (Alex & Ally) and they are worried that if they aren't able to have more children their little daughter is going to feel like the odd man out in a family of Alex's. So they're trying to come up with a name to tie in their daughters name to the rest of the family without being too matchy.

    So far they've come up with Sasha & Annabeth (the mother used to go by Ally-beth when she was younger) what do you berries think? Are they too matchy? Can you think of any other ways to tie in their little girls name?
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    I would absolutely advise them to move Alexander to the little boy's middle name slot. In fact, they could consider male Alexander variants as well: Lex, Zander, Alistair, Iskander, Sasha, Aleks, Andros... anything. I would definitely give both children non-Alexander-derived names as firsts.

    For the little girl, more international variants, plus some ideas based on meaning. Alexander means "defender," more or less.


    Aminta ("defender, validator")
    Cassandra (possibly a very old variant of Alexander)
    Clarimond ("shining defender")
    Lysandra ("man's defender")
    Olasia, Ritsa, Ola - old Greek spinoffs from Alexander
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    XX: Cassia Viviane Noor

    Allaire * Emmanuelle * Honora * Lysandra * Marina * Rosamond * Serena * Sylvie * Thea * Verity / Blaise * Cyprian * Evander * Jules * Laurence * Lucian * Marius * Quentin * Rainier * Silvan

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    That's a lot of Alex! But if that's what they want, let's think...

    Sasha is weird to me, because having an Alexander and a Sasha feels like having two children with the same name since Sasha is a nn for Alexander. Since mom is Ally, maybe a daughter could be another version of it's like they have two Alexes and two Allys instead of 3 Alexes and an oddball.


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    Thanks! I know it's a lot of Alex's, but that's what they're looking for. I love the idea of Cassandra, so similar to Alexandra but still different enough to stand on its own. And I've suggested using a variant of Alexander to them, but they're pretty dead set on using Alexander for their boy (It's been the name of the first son for several generations I guess and they don't want to break the chain...) And I personally love Alice & Allegra! Thanks for the input, hopefully there's something on here they will like!
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    It's a LOT of Alex- in one family, but have they considered Alexina? I saw that in something historic I was reading.

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