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    Combinations in case I decide Beckett is useable when this baby's born...

    So you all know I'm struggling with a boys name for baby due in jan/feb. beckett was my top name until an anquaitance used it last year...still on the fence as to whether i can still use it or move on, but id like to put some combos together just in case.

    -last name sounds like castle.
    -siblings are in my signature
    -I though hubs wanted David after his dad passed away but recently discovered that Henry would be okay with him too which is his middle name ANSI also his grandpas name. His other grandpa is Jack.
    -I'd like to possibly use two middle names with the 2nd being a male form of Louise after my grandma. Thinking Louis or Lou.

    Beckett David Louis Castle is what I think of first, but that's a long line of two syllable names...what do you berries think? Any better combos?

    Other top names at the moment are Atticus and Mathias if that helps or hinders!

    Mom to Conrad, Nolan, Juniper and our newest addition {1.31.13} Beckett Mathias Lou

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    Beckett David Louis Castle is nice! I agree that is a lot of two-syllable names, though. I have the same problem with my own surname. I seem to be attracted to two-syllable names, and too many of them just sound awkward together. I do think Beckett David Lou Castle does break it up a little bit, and I know this is getting a bit more inventive, but I also sort of like the idea of Beckett Lou Davide (French form of David, if I'm remembering correctly?) Castle--which breaks it up even more, and the flow is still pretty good (imo, anyway). I don't know if that really appeals to you. If not, I think Beckett David Lou or even Beckett Henry Lou would be fabulous.

    Good luck!
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    I like Atticus David Louis, which is still quite a lot of 2 syllable together but broken by different endings and 3 syllable Atticus. Have you considered using Davey or Davis to honour David, or Henry? That way you may feel more comfortable putting it in the first name slot, freeing you to use one of your 3 syllable options for a middle name, breaking the pattern again.
    Davey Atticus Lou
    Henry Benedict (ok, playing around here, thought you might like it since you like Beckett) Louis
    Davis Louis Mathias

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    I've posted before on how much I like Beckett in the context of your family.

    I see what you mean about rhythm. Would you be willing to take some liberties with Henry? Many of the international variants of Henry have three syllables, and bring some rich vowel sounds to the consonant-heavy Beckett Castle.

    Beckett Arrigo Louis castle
    Beckett Enrique Louis Castle
    Beckett Enzio Louis Castle
    Beckett Herrior Louis Castle

    Conversely, you can use variants of Louis:

    Beckett Aloysius David Castle
    Beckett Enrique Lew Castle
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    Thanks for all the replies! I'm almost beginning to feel like I'm pestering but this process is a slow delicate one.

    Ash-thank you! I do like the idea of using Lou so at least one name is one syllable. This would be great too because my gma goes by Mary Lou so even a more obvious salute to her.

    Emily-I haven't considered Davey or Davis n the fn slot but have considered Dave as a middle. I'm fairly flexible for middles but first names need to be something I love..and meet the whole list of picky criteria that I keep, ha ha! Henry is nice as a fn but I know personally of three little Henry's under the age of 1 and try to avoid that.

    Lori-that does sound nice! Although both Hawthorne and Louis are tied to my side of the family so I'd need at least one of my husbands honor names in there ( David or Henry or variant).

    blade- I talked to my sister about the points you made for Beckett and she said she likes you she really hopes I use that one too. I'd be open to international variants but I know without a doubt that my huSband wouldn't be. He's pretty conservative in the name department. The only one I think he would approve of is Henrik which used to on our list...but there again it's a a hard k sound and two syllables.

    Conrad and Nolan both have a two syllable Mn name so I guess if has to be then it's okay....I guess it's the line up of three double syllable names that's a little much.

    Mom to Conrad, Nolan, Juniper and our newest addition {1.31.13} Beckett Mathias Lou

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