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    I'm kinda boring...
    Jack - so many good associations with this name. It makes me smile when I hear it.
    Oliver- my mother and I used to watch Oliver Twist together. We both love the movie but Ironically she hates the name.
    Leo- for my brother
    James nn Jay - for my favorite book, the Great Gatsby

    Elisabeth - just love
    Georgiana- heard it in Pride and Prejudice and have loved it ever since
    Rose - its just so romantic and beautiful
    Charlotte - the name of my childhood doll
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    For girls:

    Aviana - I like the way it sounds, the meaning, and the fact I've always loved birds.
    Cordelia - I like the sound, like the character in Shakespeare's play, the fact it's also the name of a moon.
    Esme - It's a family name, love the meaning, pissed that it's used in Twilight though.
    Georgia - I love this name, Georgia was always a very special place to me, I like the sound of the name itself as well.
    Leocadia - I like the meaning and how it flows.
    Lucille - I've loved this name ever since I was a little kid. Love the meaning. I also like the association with Lucille Ball who was my favorite actress.
    Octavia - Love the way it sounds, reminds me of octaves, 8 is my favorite number.
    Ruth - Family name [the name of my mom], it's been passed down for generations, love the meaning and the character in the Bible even though I'm an atheist. :P
    Sonia - Always thought it was a beautiful name.
    Temperance - One of the only virtue names I adore.
    Nova - I associate it the supernovae.
    Amaya - I like the sound and the meaning.
    Emerald - One of the only gemstone names I like.
    Jadzia - I know people think this is a made up name or just the name of a Star Trek character, but it's not. It's Polish, it's a diminutive of Jadwiga, which in turn comes from the Germanic name Hadewig.
    Amaryllis - I love the symbolism of this name.
    Oriana - I've loved this one since I was a little kid, I like the meaning as well.
    Alethea - Love the meaning, Truth.
    Zelda - I love the way it sounds and the meaning, I also don't mind the association with the video game.
    Halley - I know it's become popular, but I'll always associate the name of Halley's comet.
    Aurora - Most people probably associate it with Sleeping Beauty, I associate it with seeing the Aurora when I was in Iceland.
    Lyra - I associate it with the constellation Lyra, which is one of my favorites in the night sky.
    Vada - One of my favorite characters in one of my favorite movies growing up [My Girl]
    Audrey - I love the meaning, I associate it with Audrey Hepburn, I dislike how popular it is.
    Rita - I love the meaning, associate it with Rita Hayworth.
    Lucrezia I love the sound of this and I have a positive association because I knew someone with this name.

    For boys:

    Alastair - Name of a favorite author of mine. If spelled Aleister, it makes me think of Aleister Crowley.
    Alaric - Love the meaning.
    Arthur - Family name, love the meaning.
    Dexter - I absolutely adore this name, I don't mind that it's the name of a fictional serial killer. :P
    Elliot - Like the sound.
    Eric - Family name that has been passed down for generations, I love the meaning.
    Ezekiel - I always thought it was a cool name.
    Forrest - I like the imagery of forests and the fact it was the name of a Confederate general.
    George - I like the sound and the namesakes of George Washington, George Jones, George Carlin, etc.
    Godric - I like how powerful this one sounds, it's also a family name from way back when.
    Leif - Like the name Eric, this is an old family name that has been passed down for generations, it's my brother's name.
    Lucius - Like the sound and the meaning.
    Nicodemus - Always liked the sound and imagery of this one.
    Maximilian - I love the meaning.
    Russell - I love the sound of it
    Thomas - It's a family name, I've always been fond of.
    Walter - I just plain like this name, love the meaning.
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    Iris -- Reminds me of rainbows, love the flower associations, underused but not unheard of.
    Veda -- Reminds me of the movie 'My Girl' which I love, I also love the way this name sounds!
    Leta -- Love the meaning and sound. Sort and sweet but also feminine.
    Magnolia -- Fun, quirky, and I love the flower associations. I also really love the feel of this name, if you know what I mean. Really love the nicknames Maggie and Nola.
    Seraphine -- Crisp and beautiful. Not overly frilly though, even though I like frilly names. This name seems refreshing.
    Milena -- Seems exotic and a bit romantic. Love the ending 'Lena' sound. I also really really like the meaning of this name.
    Eloise -- Reminds me of the movie, which I like. Feminine but quirky and fun.
    Juliet -- Long time favorite, this name just feels so romantic.

    My boy names have less meaning I usually just like the sound....

    Archer -- Just love the sound.
    Viggo -- Ditto.
    Milo -- Love the meaning of this one.
    Hawthorne -- I just love the feel of this name.
    Caspian -- Quirky and fun.
    Rex -- Love the meaning, short and handsome.
    Roman -- Strong and manly.
    Dexter -- Handsome and underused.

    I also really love Fay, Fable, Lark, Wren, Evangeline, Genevieve, Grey, & Fox.

    I always see those 'names you hate/dislike' threads I never answer them because I think there so negative! I like this one a lot better!!
    || Andrea || 23 || name obsessed ||
    Dahlia Juliette // Cassia Ondine // Elysia Celeste // Giselle Ariadne // Thalia Eve // Iris Aurelia // Theia Melisande/Seraphine // Leta Fleur // Azalea Camille // Veda Naomi // Milena Tess
    Alexander Atlas // Lucian Matteo // Caius Sebastian // Valentino Gabriel 'Valo' // Julian Fox // Orion Thomas // Leo Hadrian //

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    This is such a fun thread! My favs...

    Adeline: Love the feminine, sweet, vintage feel. Familiar but not terribly popular. Provides the adorable "Addy" nn.
    Josephine: Numerous cute nn options, great meaning, feminine but not frilly, ages well.
    Phoebe: Just the cutest name in the world. So spunky and friendly. Love "Bea" as a nn.
    Felicity: So beautiful and sophisticated. Great sound to it. Love "Lissie" as a nn.
    Charlotte: A long-time favorite of mine. Love that it means free. Think "Lottie" is precious as a nn. Lovely all the way around.
    Matilda: Love the Rhold Dahl character, love the flow of this name, love the nn "Tilly."
    Nora: Epitomizes sweetness. With a little sass on the side.
    Susannah: Classic but not even in the top 1000! In this case, I much prefer the full name over any nn options.
    Esme: Super cool sound, awesome meaning, perfect on a little girl or a grown woman.

    Other favorite girl names...Jane, Eliza, Naomi, Willow, Violet, Emmeline, Alice, Rosalie.

    Thaddeus: As a previous poster said, this name does not get enough love! It's vintage, it has a wonderful New Testament legacy, it's unique, and it offers numerous great nicknames (Tad, Thad, Teddy, etc). And it just sounds pretty bad ass!
    Elliot: Cowboy and sweetheart rolled into one! (Feel this way about Everett and Emmett too). Has a great sound and meaning. "Eli" is a cute nn.
    Asher: Such a cool guy name. Feels familiar but also fresh.
    Ezra: Also totally a cool guy name. And biblical but not overdone. And there's a Z in it!
    Oliver: I don't care how popular it is; it's a great name. So friendly and happy sounding!
    Calvin: How freaking precious?
    Silas: Love how gentle but strong this name is. Think it wear really well.
    Classic boy names in general...George, Benjamin, Simon, Caleb, Owen, Peter, Jack...

    Other boy names I love...Jude, Clark, August, Seth, Graham, Gideon, Adler, Phineas, Wesley, Patrick.

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