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    Right now my names are a pretty eclectic collection

    for girls I'm loving.....
    Annabeth Scarlet, I love how it seems so familiar but underused
    Winslow Catherine, I love this for the sound, how it's sort of a 'buttoned-up' version of Willow plus the cute nn Winnie
    Holiday Claire/Clarie, I love how care free, happy and sweet it sounds plus she could always go by the more familiar Holly

    For boys........
    Remington Hale, to me it sounds regal and handsome, but the nn Remi is more familiar and spunky
    Benjamin Elliot, I love the rhythm of this name and Ben is just so comfortable
    Alexander Frost, this name to me is sleek and formal and has a grown up, yet still fairytalish sound
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    I love reading and responding to positive threads! And what I love even better is reading about all these Berries' favourites!

    There are so many names I love, though I still haven't sorted out which I would actually use. Some have not been liked by my partner (such as Felicity, Leona, Flora and Nola) , others I'm worried about pronunciation issues (such as Vera prn Vair-uh), some that I can't use because someone I know someone who used them first (such as Owen...for the longest time I was convinced that my son would be named this) and some don't go well with what will be the last name (anything 1-syllable, such as Jane, Glen, Dean). However, despite these reasons, I still love them all!

    Basically though, all the names I love best AND would actually consider naming a child in real life are in my signature. Currently my absolute favourite fn + mn combinations are Vera Catherine and Callum Robert. When I think of these pairs of names I love, I can really picture a future daughter or son of mine.
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    Girls - Jane - Eleanor - Matilda - Caroline - Rosalind - Beatrix
    Boys - Arthur - Desmond - Edmund - Edwin - Frederick

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    Thanks so much, guys! Anyone else out there?

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    Fun! I actually have too many girl names I love. Boy names are tougher. There are a lot I like, but my hubby is much stricter on boy names. My favorite boy names of couse are my son's :-) Everett Callan

    Eilonwy nn Eily- I can't help myself, I just love this name! I doubt we'll use it except as a middle name because of pronunciation problems, but it is still the name my husband and I keep coming back to. It's been our top name for 3 years!
    Wren- I love animal names, and this seems to be one of the most usable ones. I actually used to think it was a pretty common name cause I had a friend named Rynn (pronounced the same). I didn't realize it was so unusual until I joined nameberry. I also love Lark (I actually like it better than Wren) but it doesn't go well with our last name at all.
    Sage- Love this because it reminds me of the sagebrush in the mountains.
    Kestrel- I know it's weird, but I think it has so much potential. I love kestrels, and it has some great nn possibilities: Kit, Kel, Kessie, Elle, Ellie.
    Callie- It just sounds so friendly, plus it is my great grandmother's name.
    Hope- With infertility and an ectopic pregnancy, Hope has started to mean a lot to me.
    Joy- It's just hard to hear this name without smiling :-)

    Phineas- Love it, but maybe a bit too risky for me. This is actually one that I hope becomes more popular.
    Cedar- This makes me think of the old growth cedar forests in the northwest, and I've never been anywhere so peaceful.
    Duncan- It just sounds fun.
    Flynn- Love the feel of this name, but the meaning is a bit boring to me.
    Ian and Levi- I really like both of these, but they are a bit popular.
    Roscoe- Just fun to say, but hubby isn't going for it.
    Ronan- Love! But doesn't flow well with our last name. Few names do unfortunately.

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