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    What Names Do You Love? (Let's Add Some Positivity to the Boards!)

    I always HATE to see posts about "names you thing are terrible" and the like. Why can't we just be nice and talk about names that we love? I think we should.

    So, tell us the names you love, whether you can actually use them or not. I think everyone needs happy thoughts, haha. I can't wait to read them all


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    I simply adore the name Noa. I think she is so sweet and lovely, for me she has a similar feel to "Sophie", another one I love.

    I also love Sebastian, boyfriend doesn't understand this one. So handsome and whimsical.

    These are all of the names I love but boyfriend has vetoed or simply don't sound good with my or his last name..
    Rowan - so handsome and all boy for me
    Emmett - says it reminds him of Emmett Smith the football player, apparently this is reason enough not to use it.
    Caspian - sounds a lot like my own name, Cassandra, but maybe as a middle!

    Sophia - I don't care how popular it is, but the better half has a niece by this name.

    Imperioustigerlily - what names do you love!?

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    My current loves for girl names include: Lucy, Honora, Cornelia, Eliza, Cecily, Delia, Adeline, Rosalie, Primrose, Vivianna

    Current loves for boys (even though I have 4 and just named one...not even thinking about any more kids lol): Sullivan, Kendrick, Barrett, Casper, Winfield, Prescott, Kingsley, Ridley, Jenson
    Eldridge "Ellie" Hayes (12)
    Arthur "Artie" Linus (10)
    Willis "Willie" Baxter (6)

    Expecting Calloway "Callie" Wright!

    Wife to 1 King.
    Mother of 3 Princes.
    Expecting Prince Charming #4 in 2013.

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    Amora12 - I love Rosalie, so underused and simply adorable!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Erm, well, I really love my top four for each gender. Like I get a crazy grin on my face every time I think of them.

    Isabelle Aurora Grace "Bella/Belle"
    Arianne Eleanor Kate "Ari"
    Olivia Wren Camille "Liv/Olive"
    Violet Ophelia Claire

    Caleb Elias Joseph
    Everett Joshua Charles
    Asher Elliot Zane (not 100% set yet, but I'm leaning strongly toward it) "Ash"
    Jack August Cole (Cole might be up for grabs, but I still quite like it)

    I also really love Rachel, Liliana (Lily), Charlotte (Lola), and Hannah (Annie) for girls right now, and Grayson (Gray), Avery, Brody, and Bailey for boys.

    I really love Thisbe (Thisbe!) and Xanthe at the moment, but I don't really see me ever using them. I adore Wren and Eve, too, but I don't think they really go with my other favorites. And lately I've been liking Samuel for a boy, I think he goes fabulously with Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, and Violet, but I just don't love it as a name enough to use it.

    I don't really have any new favorites atm, I feel like I've really settled into my top 5-ish for each gender, and have loved them for a long time as they are, but I feel like I could use a couple new loves! I'd love to keep my style fresh. Oh, I've really been loving Benedict lately, too, but I'm not sure I would really use it. WDYT? Usable? I am not sure it really fits in with the likes of Caleb, Everett, Bailey, Asher, Jack, Avery, etc. I do love its meaning, though. I have a second cousin named Benjamin nn Ben, though, so I'm afraid it might step on some toes...

    I agree on the negative posts, too, btw--the "what's the worst name ever?" type threads invariably step on someone's toes, I honestly don't see the need for that.

    ETA: Also, I've been loving Evie lately! Eve nn Evie has just been a placeholder on my list until I could find a full name for my beloved Posy, but I am just so in love with Evie lately. She's just so sweet and (at least in America!) underused! I've never met an Evie, I think it's delightful. It's just not enough name for me though, and I feel like Eve's too straightfoward (and the Biblical character's not the most encouraging), Eva's missing a bit of something, and Genevieve's just too much. Evangeline's too frilly, Evelyn's too boring, blech. I hate that I'll fall for a nn and not be able to find a full name I can use, because I just can't stand the thought of using a nn on its own (Jack and Tess notwithstanding).
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    thinking about Seville, the Sagrada Família, and torrijas (Spain!):
    Adela Ainhoa ▪ Alejandra Miren ▪ Anna María Sol ▪ Eliana Elixabete ▪ Evangelina Leonor "Eva"
    Isabel Haizea ▪ Lidia Izar ▪ Lucía Itxaro ▪ Magdalena Beatriu "Magda" ▪ Sofía Mireia
    Agustín Petri ▪ Andrés Benjamín ▪ Daniel Aitor ▪ Gaspar Francisco ▪ Hugo Patxi
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