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    Name them babies!! (Challenging).

    Your current full name: Amburli Nicole Marden

    You are 18 years old and working full time at a local arcade. One day, they hire a new employee that you're required to train. Y'all talk while refilling the tickets in the machines. You learn that he's a single 23 year old, and he went to the same high school as you. He’s very sweet, and is into the same hobbies as you. You instantly fall for him.

    His full name: Christopher B Marden

    After three months of talking, y'all begin dating. As soon as you've been together for nine months, he proposes. You get married six months later. During that time frame, you both find steady new careers.

    Your job: Police officer
    His job: Restaurant owner

    You find out that you're three months pregnant with your first child shortly after you return from your two week long honeymoon. You're overjoyed! It's a boy! His first name comes from: , and his middle name is your husband's first name.

    Son #1's name: Levi Christopher Marden
    Nickname: Levi

    Your husband suggests that you adopt a young pet from the humane society on your son's 2nd birthday. You choose to do this so that he has a pet to grow up with. You find a liter of newborn animals. Your son gets to choose the animal type, breed, and the name. The name he chooses has an x in it.

    Animal type: Dog
    Name of pet: Maxx
    Breed (optional): Siberian Husky

    A few months following the pet adoption, you not only find out that you're pregnant, but it's twins! To your surprise, you now have two little girls. Their first names come from: , and their middle names are whatever you choose, but they must rhyme somehow.

    Daughter #1's name: Sophie Jayne
    Daughter #2's name: Tallulah Cayne
    Nicknames: Sophie & Lulu

    Your best friend has been wrongly accused of a serious crime in which she didn't commit, and is facing ten to twenty years in prison without bail. With her child's father being completely out of the picture, and having no family left, she has no choice but to place her child in foster care. Being the kind hearted people that you are, you decide to adopt her child instead, so that the child can live a happy and healthy life with a familiar family. The first name was chosen from:, and the middle name is from: You decided to let the child keep his/her last name, hyphened with yours.

    Child #4's name: Raven Abilene Delrose-Marden
    Gender: Female
    Age: Six
    Nickname: Aibirae. (Ay-bee-ray).

    The years have passed. Son #1 is now ten years old, and the twins are seven years old. You weren't planning on having any more children, but you got a surprise when you went to the doctor for a yearly checkup. You are six weeks pregnant. You didn't want to know the gender or anything about the child. Your doctor told you there would be multiples, but you didn't want to know anything else about it. Seven months later, you give birth to five healthy babies! If your favorite color is pink, you have all girls. If your favorite color is blue, you have all boys. If your favorite color is purple, you have 4 girls and a boy. If your favorite color is green, you have 4 boys and a girl. If you favor more than one of the listed colors, you have 3 boys and 2 girls. If you don't favor any of the listed colors, you have 3 girls and 2 boys. The girls' first names come from:, and the boys' first names come from Their middle names must consist of the letters h&y/or i, somewhere in the name.

    Child #5's name: Jasper William Marden
    Child #6's name: Holden Kyler Marden
    Child #7's name: Sebastian Edghar Marden
    Child #8's name: Maisie Shae Marden
    Child #9's name: Dahlia Elise Marden
    Nicknames: Jasper, Holden, Bastian, Mais, Leah.

    What a beautiful family you've got!

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