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    London, England
    Éponine, Clemency & Liberty. They are all names both my boyfriend & I love, but everyone we've mentioned them to hates them. So we are not mentioning names anymore... it's too sad.

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    Oh I also love Cosette and everyone else hates it.

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    cristinamariane Guest
    I like quite a few names that everyone else hates, because I seem to fall in love with very unusual names from very different time periods. My #1 choice was like that until my mom and husband came around to it, and now they love it. They even love my second choice now. But I'm afraid of how others will react, and as much as I love my choices, I don't think I'm brave enough to announce them proudly. My plan is to go to places where you get a takeout order and they have to call your name (like Starbucks) and see how they react, or how often they butcher the spelling and pronunciation.

    For the record, I think Allaina and Rowan are both awesome.

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    ChristinaMariane, your takeout idea is brilliant.
    One of my favorite names of all time is Ginger. I think Rowan is a great name for a redheaded girl! Then again, don't listen to me. I love the name Ginger, so there goes my naming cred.

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    Sooo many! -ette names & 'dated'names & boys names on girls! And though I have found acceptance here people in the real world have a lot of hate for Edna, Agnes, Lake & Marigold...

    I think that someone will always hate the names you're considering but only total jerks will actually hate on a name once you've bestowed it! My daughter's name got criticism when I was pregnant & shared our those critics are full of compliments & I pretend I forgot what they said!!

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