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    Do you love a name that everybody hates?

    Have you ever really loved a name that everybody hates? I mean, the kind of name you actually plan on using on your child? One of those names you cringe telling people, because you fear their reaction?

    Sigh... For me it is Rowan on a girl. We plan on naming our daughter that if she is born with red hair. The first time I ever heard the name it was on a girl and I have never actually met any boys/men with the name, so in my mind it is easily a good and true unisex name. Whenever we express interest in the name people say it is a boys name and that it is too masculine for a girl. Anyway, it makes me sad. On top of that, our second choice for a girl is Allaina (hubby's name is Allain) and people don't like that one either. We can't win. End Rant.

    What are your most loved names that people hate?

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    I don't mind Rowan on a girl, but it is definitely more a boys name than girls in the UK and people would definitely still raise an eyebrow over a female Rowan. However, as a nature name I see it working on a girl and prefer seeing this than things such as Elliot, Avery, Ryan etc.

    Jemima is the one that people always question on here!
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    Considering Rowan was a top 3 girl name in the Berry awards yesterday, I think you've found your space You'd probably get better reactions on Elena than Allaina, but hey, if its the name you love.

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    I'm usually a fan of names that are pretty mainstream, so even if someone doesn't like them, it's very likely that someone else will. But I do love Agnes for a girl. Granted, Agnes gets a better reception on here than anywhere else, but still, the reactions against it are incredibly strong. I like that it has the same meaning as my mom's name, and with the French pronunciation (ahn-YESS), I could use the nn Annie, and it's just so vintage and unused these days! I think it's fabulous. I really love Agnes Violet as a combo, too. I'm just not sure if it's too unusual, and I honestly love the AG-ness pronunciation, too, and if I used AG-ness, could I still use Annie? I like the French pronunciation in theory, but I don't know that I'd ever use it. Still, I think Agnes is gorgeous. Not sure I'd actually use it, though, even if it was more socially acceptable.

    Other than that, I don't know, really. I like Parker and Brady (guilty!) on girls, but I would never ever use them in a million years (even if more people used them there!). I LOVE Madelief, too, but I'm not even going to attempt that because it's just too unusual. I'm not sure there are any names I truly love and would like to use that get that many negative reviews.

    I think I would LOVE Bentley for a boy if it weren't so trashy, and I already LOVE Bailey for a boy, I guess that might be one. I want to use it, but comments from other people make me hesitant about using it. Although it is growing in my state for boys, so maybe one day.
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    I really like Rowan for a girl! And coming from me that means something because generally I do not like unisex names.

    My name I love that we were gonna use if it was a boy was Amadeus. And yes I cringed thinking about telling ppl. However we are having a girl... our third girl... and last child ever. So I guess I don't have to worry about it.

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