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Thread: Nora or Nell?!

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    Nora or Nell?!

    Hi! I am due with our second baby girl in 5 days and we're still undecided about a name...yikes! All of our children have family names incorporated (twin boys Dane Alexander and Andrew Robert, daughter Mae Loiuse) and we want to do the same with this one using a variation of my grandmother's name Eleanor. I originally thought that we would just name her Eleanor and use a nickname, but it just didn't feel right, especially since I tend to gravitate toward shorter, simpler names. So...we're down to Nora and Nell. I love the sound and feel of Nora, but am worried that it could be trendy, especially with Norah Jones and the passing of Nora Ephron this year. Thoughts? I like the vintage, sweet, simple feel of Nell (and think it matches with Mae nicely), but am having trouble finding a middle name that sounds good with it. Our last name is Italian, 3 syllables, begins with a "B", and ends with the "O" sound. Some ideas that we're throwing around are:
    Nora Belle
    Nora Quinn
    Nora Elizabeth
    Nell Susannah
    Nell Frances
    Nell Isabeau

    Would love feedback on these or suggestions! Thanks!

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    I would adore both if they were Norah and Nelle, they just seem much more complete like that!

    Nora Elizabeth is stunning, but I do quite like Nell Frances (I'd prefer Nell Francesca though!).
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    I love both Nell & Nora. Personally I like Nell better, but if you love Nora most I think you should go for that. I think Nora Quinn is beautiful. If you go with Nell, I'd like to see Susannah as a middle.

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    I originally liked Norah better too, but my husband didn't, so I wrapped my head around the Nora spelling, but now he likes them both! Are the "h" and "e" extraneous or nice for adding length and authenticity to what are traditionally nicknames?
    So funny, because my husband suggested Nell Francesca last night!
    Thanks for your comments!

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    I vote for Nell. But it's a family name, so of course I am biased.
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