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    i don't think you're being ridiculous. It's very weird. My dog is named Sam, but if when naming him, my cousin had a child named Sam (young or not) I would never named it Sam, even if I did love the name. It's very rude. I'd bring it up -no, you can't force her to change the name, but you should NOT have to change your daughters nickname over it. A baby's name has so much thought and consideration put into it... I'd atleast broach the subject and let her know you're upset.
    completely agree with you there. I find what she did to be considerably rude. But if your cousin refuses to budge on the name, you could always call your daughter Anna, which I happen to find cute. So is Anne.
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    It's definitely rude.

    Belle isn't an original name, and it's already a frequent nickname for your daughter. Plus the way she's dismissing the issue, "It's not like you own the name.", how rude. No, you don't own it entirely, but it's the name of your daughter.
    Using those commands are confusing her, and rather degrading if you ask me. "Come here Belle, good Belle. Sit down Belle."etc.

    I don't know why she'd pick Belle, honestly. It's nothing special to name a dog, she could've picked millions of other things, but to choose the nickname of your daughter? That'd annoy me to no end personally. Especially since she doesn't seem to care about how it's affecting her or your daughter.
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    This is probably me being petty, but I would start calling the dog Beast. It's Disney, even from the same movie and has no relation to your daughter's name. I don't think you should change what you call your daughter. She named her dog that, not another human. Rude, rude, rude.

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    I can't believe everyone thinks it's rude. If she likes it why shouldn't she name her dog it. It's not even an unusual name for a dog. It's not as if she's somehow making a correlation between your daughter and a dog. Your daughter will be confused for a short period, but she'll soon figure out the tone of voice and commands used for the dog if you see them regularly.

    Would you be more or less upset if she named her daughter the same name, OP? That would bother me more, but still I wouldn't think it's rude. I can't see why everyone is so upset.
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    Hi everyone.
    I planned on talking to my cousin about it when she came over yesterday but as soon as she got here she just started saying sorry. I asked her what for and she told me that when she named her puppy she really didn't think about the fact that using the name Belle would be confusing for my Belle and really didn't make the connection between our Belle and using the name. Any way, they have changed the puppy's name to Lady as she is a Cocker Spaniel like Lady in the film

    malk, yes I would have been more upset if she used the name if she had another baby (which could only happen if she adopted) but I still felt funny about her using it. On of her daughter's name is Jennifer and we call her Jenny. I wouldn't name my dog Jenny because it's her nn and I feel like it's disrespectful IMO. But it doesn't matter as she changed the puppy's name anyhow.

    For the record I hadn't said anything to her apart from what I said on the night we met her puppy but I do have a feeling that my Aunty did. I didn't ask her to change the dogs name and didn't expect or think that she should. I just wanted to know if other people would feel the same as I didn't finding out that my cousin (and best friend) named her dog the same nn we use for our daughter.
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