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    What tina said! I would be so offended!! There are thousands of other names she could use (including all kinds of guilty pleasure names you wouldn't give a kid) so why go with what you called your daughter, especially when she's that young. It must be so confusing for her!

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    I'm shocked! This is crazy rude of your cousin. I'd never name a dog the same thing as a friend or cousin's baby! Especially if you are close and see each other more than once every few years. It's degrading. I'd put my foot down as well. You can be nice about it, but it's absurd for you to change the primary nickname of your daughter or have to avoid seeing the dog because of this. If you ask me, your cousin is picking a fight.

    On the bright side, she likes your naming style. If I were you, I'd be very very nice and open up about how hurt this makes you feel. She could be clueless, so try the benefit of the doubt thing first. Explain how confusing it is for (the real) Belle and how some might view naming a dog after someone offensive. But however you get there, the dog's name has to change. End of story.

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    I agree, this was very rude of her. If it was someone you knew but didn't really socialize, it wouldn't matter, but if nothing else, this will be a source of confusion. I could understand if she had a baby and had always loved the name and wanted to use it, but at this point neither a baby or a dog is going to grasp the concept that the same name applies to them both. With all the names there are--even more so for a dog, where pretty much anything you call them is appropriate--it just feels personal.

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    Kind of a strange choice... I mean, she's right in theory, but with so many names to choose from, why pick one shared by anyone you're close with?

    A couple of years ago, some friends of ours had a female foster dog they were thinking of adopting, and used my (secret) favorite boy name for her. I almost let go of said name over it, and probably would have had they kept the dog... even though it's been "my future son's name" since I was 12 and hubby and I have been on the same page about it -- and NO other name -- since early in our relationship!

    So it's hard for me to imagine choosing Belle under the circumstances. Perhaps there are some jealousy issues there.

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    i don't think you're being ridiculous. It's very weird. My dog is named Sam, but if when naming him, my cousin had a child named Sam (young or not) I would never named it Sam, even if I did love the name. It's very rude. I'd bring it up -no, you can't force her to change the name, but you should NOT have to change your daughters nickname over it. A baby's name has so much thought and consideration put into it... I'd atleast broach the subject and let her know you're upset.
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