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    Birthday Name Quiz

    Today's my birthday, so I'm going to try making a quiz for you all based on birthdays. Hope you enjoy it.

    DS #1:
    FN: What is your birth month?
    January/February: Atticus, Mackenzie, or Gareth
    March/April: Benjamin, Samuel, or Nicholas
    May/June: Charlie, Ryan, or Parker
    July/August: Lincoln, Austin, or Denver
    September/October: Liam, Rhys, or Aidan
    November/December: Asher, Evander, or Jasper

    MN: What is your birth date?
    1st-5th: Henry, August, or George
    6th-10th: Lee, James, or Michael
    11th-15th: Evan, Riley, or Sean
    16th-21st: Tobias, Brooks, or Elias
    22nd-26th: Alan, Neal, or Ray
    27th-31st: Reed, Leaf, or Steel


    DD #1:
    FN: What would you want for your birthday dinner?
    Steak and baked/mashed potatoes: Emily, Anna, or Rebecca
    Pizza: Braelyn, Paisley, or Zoey
    Pork and fried potatoes: Coralie, Rhiannon, or Guinevere
    Pasta and veggies: Emmeline, Hannelore, or Vivienne
    Chicken and salad: Aspen, Rowan, or Willow
    Vegetarian/Other: Gabrielle, Victoria, or Christina

    MN: What's your favorite birthday dessert?
    Cake: Anne, Dawn, or Leigh
    Ice Cream: Marie, Renae, or Brooke
    Cheesecake: Faye, Brielle, or Ember
    Pie: Nicole, Elizabeth, or Josephine
    Cookies: Grace, Hope, or Faith
    Other: Rose, Leah, or Jewel


    DS #2:
    FN: What activity would you like to do on your birthday?
    Shop: Braxton, Chesney, or Maddox
    Read: Holden, Peregrine, or D'Artagnan
    Party with friends: Victor, Greyson, or Josiah
    Watch a movie: Ewan, Johnny, or Viggo
    Extreme activity (skydiving, mountain climbing, etc.): Jett, Trace, or Rebel
    Take a trip: Alexander, Timothy, or William

    MN: How many birthdays have you had?
    < 18: Jordan, Alex, or Taylor
    18-21: Gryffin, Heath, or River
    22-27: Calix, Emrys, or Wesley
    27-32: Levi, Cale, or Robert
    33-40: Tristan, Brock, or Weston
    > 40: Ross, Cian, or Gale


    DD #2:
    FN: What would be the perfect gift for you?
    Books: Lucy, Arwen, or Beatrix
    Electronics/Games/Movies: Galatea, Acacia, or Dahlia
    Cash/Gift cards: Charlotte, Fiona, or Winter
    Jewelry: Sapphira, Tiara, or Ruby
    Flowers/Sweets: Poppy, Magnolia, or Coco
    Other: Tierney, Sage, or Lyric

    MN: Your significant other decides to plan a trip for the two of you for your birthday. Where do you go?
    Las Vegas: Raven, Cambria, or Cherry
    Paris: Blanche, Veronica, or Snow
    Caribbean Cruise: Claire, Marley, or Havana
    London: Louise, Niamh, or Moira
    African Saffari: Savannah, Amber, or Leona
    Australia: Opal, Bianca, or Coral


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    DS #1: Evander Sean
    DD #1: Victoria Brielle
    DS #2: William Wesley
    DD #2: Beatrix Louise

    Happy birthday!!!

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    "Denny, Zo, Johnny and Winter."

    {PS: Happy Birthday!}
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