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    fell in love with a trendy name

    Hubby and I just found out we're having a little girl! We're due in Feb. We started thinking of names and thought of the name Ava. I was kind of turned off how popular it was, so we tried to think of other names but we keep coming back to 'Ava'! I think we are in love! My name is Jennifer -- so I know what it's like to have a common name and it's not all that bad. In high school I went through a stage where I wished so bad my name was unique and changed my name to 'Jenn' just to be different. It turned out, as an adult, I hated the name 'Jenn' and regretted my rebellious stage. It turns out I really like 'Jen' and 'Jennifer'! When I was little I went by Jenny and just loved that too!

    At the same time, we want a name that is strong but unique for our little girl, but we can't seem to shake off 'Ava' even though it is so popular. Thoughts?

    For a middle name, I really like Ava Grace. YES, I know, TRENDY, but it's so hard when you're in love! :???:
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    If you love it- then use it. That is all that matters. Her name won't make her unique- SHE already is unique. Use it. Rock it. Love it.

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    Ava Grace is a beautiful name. I tried not to use a popular name for my son and now I am seeing his name EVERYWHERE! You cannot win. So I say go for it if you love it!!

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    rubymoon is right! You gotta go with what you love! You could go with Avalon and call her Ava for short, if you want to try to give her something a little less trendy and with different options, i.e. Ava or Avvy.
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    If you keep coming back to it, GO FOR IT! So many popular names today are very classic and pretty, I'm not sure I'd label Ava (or Sophia, Olivia, Mia, etc...) as trendy, sure it's in the top 10, but really, so what. It's a beautiful name. Plus the Ava Gardner connection is a nice perk.

    Eva is only slightly less popular and has a different feel to it, for me at least. I suppose there are some "different" feeling extensions...I've met a little Avielle and a Aveline, or Avis or Ada, but if you love AVA...I think it's a perfectly lovely name and I hope you use it!

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