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    Do you think we could make this pronunciation work? (Anneliese)

    From what I understand and have read, the German pronunciation of Anneliese is pronounced Ahn-uh-lee-zuh. My husband adores this pronunciation/name and I really like it too. We are just not sure how useable it is in U.S.

    1. Looking at Anneliese, I'm pretty sure no one would get Ahn-uh-lee-zuh.

    2. We could use Anneliesa but I think she would get Ann-uh-LISA, just like the plain name Lisa.

    3. If someone told me their name was Ahn-uh-lee-zuh and told me this spelling(Anneliesa, I would get it.) But would others? Elisabeth, Louisa, etc... have s's with the 'Z' sound but are much more familiar names.

    4. I think she would mainly run into problems when older with dr./ dentist app., job interviews, etc... (Our children will most likely be attending our church's smaller, christian school and would personally know all of the teachers so I don't think school would be an issue, everyone would be very familiar with her name by then.)
    Does anyone have a name like this, where strangers pronounce it differently? Do you just answer to it or correct them? Does it bother you? My sister has encountered this somewhat throughout her life, and she just answers to the other pronunciation at dr visits, interviews, etc... It hasn't been a problem for her really, but I was looking for more opinions.

    Any other spelling options suggested to get German pronunciation without getting to unoriginal and creative? I was thinking Aneliesa, Anneliesa, or Anelisa?

    Any input would SO greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    For the pronunciation of Ahn-uh-lee-zuh, I would spell it Anelisa. That way it is clearly "ahn" since it has the one "n" and -elisa just doesn't scream "uh-lisa" to me. It's more vague, and if you were to correct someone that said it wrong they would feel more okay with it, rather than be snarky and say something like, "It doesn't look like Ahn-uh-lee-zuh."

    My name is easy to pronounce, but a few of my children have names that aren't always pronounced correctly. My oldest daughter's name is Cambry (prn. CAM-bree) and is often called Cam-BRY (as in Bryan.) I always correct them because Cam-BRY just sounds stupid. I don't even know why so many people say it that way, but they do. It bugs me. My other daughter, Teagan (prn. TEE-gan) gets called TAY-gan a lot, too. I usually let that one slide (only at doctor's appts and things like that, not anywhere where they need to know her name) because people tend to say, "Oh. Well, Reagan is pronounced like RAY-gan so I just assumed Teagan was too." Which is annoying. Sometimes she corrects people, but I don't always bother. My son, Asa (prn. ACE-uh) occasionally gets "ah-SAH" which I always correct. It really only takes a second to correct them, and a lot of the time they say "I'm bad with names, I'm sorry!" or something like that. I've noticed that the kids themselves really don't care though.
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    I have a friend who pronounces it exactly like that and I've never heard her name mispronounced. She spells it: Analisa.
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    I've considered Anneliese as a name for a future daughter and have run into the same problem. I too prefer the German pronunciation but also very much prefer the spelling Anneliese. I just decided not to use it to avoid all the trouble it would cause. However if I did chose to use it I would keep the spelling and just correct people. My middle name gives into mispronunciation all the time and I just correct people. I dont think people would mind being corrected. Im sure they'd want to say it correctly. But its less difficult to correct a middle name than a first name since it's rarely used. So I guess it's a matter of if you'll mind that she will be spelling out her name for people most of the time and correcting people. I wouldn't like to have to answer to a name that is not what it should be, that's why I feel like accepting mispronunciations without correcting would just be more annoying. With the -lisa ending I think more people would use the "s" sound instead of "z" like Lisa.
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    I'd go with the original spelling and just correct people.

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