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    I'm a Native New Englander, though not currently living there, and while I don't have the accent myself I absolutely love it! I wish I had one sometimes, but I can understand why someone might not like the way names are pronounced in it. That's how I feel about New Jersey/New York accents!
    I went to school in England for a bit and while I was there I was in class with a few people from Yorkshire and they had really lovely accents, I couldn't always understand everything, but so much of what they said just sounded so beautiful!

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    My husband (whose family is northern) liked Elle for a girl. I always vetoed it because I knew my southern family would pronounce it "ALE" or "A-Yell"... Sort of loses its femininity.

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    Where I'm at in Florida, "T's" aren't pronounced. I really don't mind it; in fact I don't notice it until other people pronounce the "T" (Then they startle me by doing it). Aside from that, our accent is quite normal. Here's what happens with some poor names:

    Hunter: Hunner
    Matt: Magh' (the "t" part isn't vocalized)
    Quentin: Qwen'in
    Martin: Maur'in

    The funny thing is while I am quite good at faking accents, how ever hard I try, I cannot avoid changing T's into D's, or just forgetting them altogether. Unless I'm faking an English accent. Then it is quite easy : )
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    Quote Originally Posted by rosie1997 View Post
    Aussie here and I have noticed that I love names the way they are pronounced in the aussie accent (eg. no er, just ah, so Tayla and Taylor are the same)
    As an Australian Taylor, I have to agree. Sometimes it's worse though: my grandmother is from a small town in rural Queensland and she pronounces my name "Tar-luh."
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    I am from the Appalachian mountains. My favorite name is Jerry, but it is ruined here where it becomes "Jury." All names ending in A get an EE sound instead (Nora becomes Nory). Also, some middle syllables are dropped. My lovely great aunt Italy was called It'ly. Names that start with ER sound like Uhr (Eric becomes Uhric). I don't find this accent very pretty, but now that I live in another region of the US, I treasure anything that reflects my heritage.
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