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    Names Ruined By Local Accents?

    I'm currently living in New England in the U.S.(though I'm not a native) and I'm just discovering there are certain names I like but the local accent just ruins the pronunciation! People here tend to famously drop the "r" at the end of some words but add an "r" where there isn't one at the end of others! Also, the "or" letter combo tends to get pronounced "aw". It's driving me nuts and wreaking havoc on my love for names!

    For example:

    Nora = Nawra

    Leta = Leter

    Marlow = Maaaahlow

    Xavier = Zavyah

    Yuck. To be fair, it seems like older generations have heavier accents than younger ones so there may be hope!

    Have any names been ruined by the accent in your area?
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    Liverpool, England
    I have lived on the outskirts of Liverpool all my life. I don't have a Scouse accent myself but about 80% of the cities population seem to. Nothing sounds nice in that accent. Absolutely nothing. I loathe hearing it. Any fellow Brit will know what I'm talking about "-_-

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    I'm there with you on the New England accent. I have one myself even though I live in the area of the US with the least amount of an accent.
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    My grandmother's father, aunts, and uncles called one of her aunts Maudie Aurilla (rhymes with "gorilla") when they were mad or frustrated at her. I looked up her name one day and found out it was Maude Aurelia. WHY would you pronounce the beautiful Aurelia to rhyme with gorilla?? Gotta love those thick Southern drawls...
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    I live in the western US and the older generation here tend to flatten there 'a' sound, I don't really know how to describe it, but names like Hannah tend to be nasally sounding kind of like hay-nah
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