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    Smile Once Upon A Time (Alphabet)

    I was inspired by an ice breaker game we had during a church youth group session last fall.

    I wondered what amazing stories our Nameberries could come up with using names. (either gender)

    We will create our story one sentence at a time using names, and going in order of the alphabet from (A-Z).

    I will start by creating the first sentence using an A name. The next person will add on to the story incorporating a B name and so, on........ with the last sentence ending of the story and including a Z name. Be careful when you include word names, cities, etc. and you don't want them to be used as a name, not to capitalize. We should have a captivating story with 24 sentences and 24 names at the end of each round. It should be interesting! Have fun!

    Once upon a time a little boy named Alexander was walking on the beach.

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    He noticed a cute little girl named Beatrice by the water's edge.

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    She was playing with her younger sister, Cassandra.

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    All of a sudden, the boy's younger brother, Harris, ran up to him and said:

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    "Ismay just ate all of the ice cream!"

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