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    I think if you want a name that goes with Emily Catherine, then you may want to avoid names with creative spellings or ones that are (and I don't mean this as an insult) more "made-up" or with unusual spellings like Avelyn or Amalia. I understand being a teacher you probably have seen enough Olivias, Isabellas and Hannahs to last a life time, but maybe some less common but still classic names would work. My ideas:

    Eve Charlotte (to honor Evelyn but a little more updated, and give the girls a link through shared initials)
    Julianne Grace
    Alexandra Grace (this could incorporate Agee)
    Adelaide Grace (same as above)
    Lydia Grace (sounds like Olivia Grace, far less common, but still classic)
    Eleanor Grace (Ellie, Nora, Ella are all possible nicknames, and Eleanor sounds like a "strong" name to me)
    Lucia Grace
    Louisa Grace
    Ruby Grace

    I also really like the idea of Margaret Grace or Mary Grace nn Molly/Mollie.

    Good luck I think it's great that you're being so sensitive to Emily in this process.

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    I would stay away from E names and C names, as well as names related to Catherine (like Katerina) without the express permission of your Emily Catherine. Evelyn, Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Caroline, for example, are beautiful names, but I think unfair to use. I like Regan - Emily and Regan sound like a good pair. However, if you want a more formal name with a youthful nickname, you could use Regan as a middle name.

    Angelina Regan
    Adelaide Regan
    Georgia Regan
    Harriet Regan (This is my favourite - a little Hattie would just be perfect)

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    Can I suggest Ivy for you? Same sort of sounds as Ava/Avelyn/Eva/Eve but less common. Ivy Grace is stunning, and Emily & Ivy make a great pairing.

    xo Viv
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    Aria Grace

    that sounds beautiful!

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