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    My first thoughts are-
    Eden Elizabeth- great strong feminine name and Edie is such a cute nickname.
    Audrey Grace- because it's strong, feminine, and so classic.
    Layla/Leila Rheagan
    Francesca Grace with a cute nickname like Frankie/Frannie/etc.
    Delilah Grace with Lila as a nickname
    Vivienne with Viv/Vi/Vivi as a nickname
    Colette Maya with Coco as a nickname
    Violet Grace nickname V/Vi/Via
    Olivia Grace nickname Liv/Ollie/Livi/Livia I know Olivia is popular, but Emily Catherine and Olivia Grace feel like perfect sisters to me.
    Lavinia Grace nickname Vin/Vina/Vinni/Liv I know it's sort of traditional/old fashioned, but I think it's a lovely choice, unusual with great nickname options
    Edith Grace- I just love the nickname Edie.
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    Emily Catherine & Ramona Grace (stole this from PP but I think it works well)
    Emily Catherine & Harriet Grace (nn Etta)
    Emily Catherine & Indigo Lillian (something a little different and I love the contrast between the yellow of Emily and the dark blue of Indigo)
    Emily Catherine & Violet Grace (stole this again from pp but it goes well)
    Emily Catherine & Georgina Grace

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    Thanks for the suggestions! While clicking on some of these ideas, I stumbled upon a few that I will share with hubby!
    We have an aunt Evelyn, but that sounds great for a 95 yo woman but not my little baby girl, so thoughts on Avelyn? (My sister is a Madelyn so Adeline/Adelyn is out) nn ideas for Avelyn Grace are Ava, Lyn, Birdie (aves - sci teacher) and my fave Agee (which is a family name also)

    Violet is a family name but I'm not loving the nn options.

    We liked Amelia but due to closeness with sister Emily threw it out... What about Amalia (would you think to pronounce A-mol-ya) and called her Mollie? (Hubby suggested Molly as her whole name which just didn't have the umph I am looking for but Molly/Mollie is a family name too).

    I like Olivia Grace (sibset sounds great with Emily Catherine - thanks to whoever suggested that) but Olivia is too common these days! I have several friends with baby Olivia's and even an Alivia! Plus I've taught my fair share.

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    Evelyn is definitely back in for baby girls. If you search its popularity it has skyrocketed in recent years. If it still feels old lady to you you're of course fully in your right, this stuff is all subjective up to a point : D. But Avelyn is just asking for trouble. It's going to get spelled Avalynn and a million other ways and pronounced Ave-lin (and I assume you want Ava-lynn). And Ava is the #1 name right now. I actually think Ava is really pretty and would recommend you just use it if you're considering in that family.

    A bigger problem maybe for Evelyn is that it shares the first letter with Emily. I mean I think the names are pretty different enough otherwise but given that Emily is being somewhat sensitive I would steer clear.

    I feel the same way about Amalia. And yes I would prn it right. In another family it might be borderline OK to have an Emily and an Amalia but again given that she is having complicated feelings I might stay away unless you can find no other name you like. Even Molly feels kind of close. However I think Mary nn Molly would be solid.

    If you like Evelyn and Avelyn I'm inclined to suggest:
    Averill (bonus points for Agee, I assume you mean A. G. not Aggie?)
    Vivienne / Vivian
    Aveline (bonus points for Agee)

    Violet is beautiful and you don't have to use a nickname. Violet makes me think of Charlotte.

    Anna? Your family members suggesting Emma (definitely too close!) might like Anna and gets you back to Agee.

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    Honestly, I'm not sure how to pronounce Avelyn. So, I slightly agree that it's asking for trouble, and with Ava so popular these days, just like Olivia that you're trying to avoid, I wouldn't recommend an Ava variation. What about Eva or Eveline instead of Evelyn if you feel it's too old? Even simple Eve is gorgeous. Eva Lilian? Beautiful.

    I'm also wondering about Molly. Molly is a nickname derivation of Mary, so any Mary variant would work for a "formal name." You could use actual Mary, or names like Marie, Marielle, Malia, Mara, or Maria. And, if you added Lilian(e) as the middle name, Molly is an even more obvious nickname! I like Mara Lilian or Maria Grace, called "Molly."

    As for Amalia, I still think it's pretty close to Emily myself, but it is a pretty name.

    Maybe these are more your style:

    Alexa Grace - Ali, Ala, Lex, Lexie, "Agee"
    Audrey Grace - "Agee" (I love this one for you!)
    Margaret Lilian - Mali (like "Molly"), Maggie, Meg, Daisy

    I can't think of more at the moment because I'm so in love with Audrey Grace for your "Agee" (pronounced Aggie?) nickname!

    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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