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    You finally meet your child, Emily, who welcomes you into her life with open arms. She says she thought you were her mother, because you looked like the pictures her adoptive parents had showed her, only prettier. With her father, you make the arrangements to have your daughter spend the weekends with you. The two of you have a lot of fun together and you are glad to at least be her friend, knowing you could never, ever replace her mother.

    Eventually, Emily begins to ask questions about her birth father and your other family. You introduce her to your parents, your sister and her husband, your brothers and their wives, plus her cousins and your best friend, her husband, and their daughter. You get in touch with her birth father, Greg, who happily responds. Once Doug gives permission, you take your child to visit her birth father, stepmother, and younger half-brother in Windsor. The two of you spend a few days there during the summer before returning home. Emily keeps in touch with her biological father as well as continues to spend the weekends with you.

    But as the anniversary of Teresa's death slowly approaches, you notice that Doug begins to slowly withdraw from his children and the two younger children, Ella and Christopher as well as your child, become depressed. The day before the anniversary, you surprise all three of them with a lunch to their favourite restaurant, Applebees, a movie, Monster's Inc 3D, and ice cream. The kids love you for it and their father is grateful, but he is still forlorn. Hoping to cheer him up, you take him out on the town a few nights later, leaving the kids with his parents for a sleepover.

    The two of you go dancing, clubbing, and dining. Past midnight, you both are little tipsy. The last place you hit is a classy bar in a hotel. He's drank more than he has in a while and feels a little woozy as a result. You suggest he check in for the night. He agrees. You help up to his room. He sits down on the edge of the bed and takes both of your hands in his. He says thank you for the night and it has been the most fun he has had in a while. You find yourself staring at each other in the dim light of the room. Without realizing it, you lean in and kiss him on the lips. He engulfs you in his arms, deepening the kiss. You fall on top of him on the queen-sized bed, his hands snaking up your dress, and your fingers toying with the buttons on his shirt. And the rest of the night is history.

    The next morning, you can't believe what you have done. You're furious with yourself for ruining what was a perfect arrangement. Doug and the children have enough drama going in their lives as it is. But you can't forget that night and it difficult for you to ignore when your child asks if you and her dad are getting together. You tell her no, that there is nothing going on between you and her dad. Only your child and her younger siblings are smarter than you give them credit for.

    One Friday night, instead of going out, you stay in to catch up on some work. There is a knock on your front door. You look through the peephole and are surprised by who you see: Doug. You let him in, leading him into the living room. Over glasses of ice tea, he admits to you that not only have the kids been asking about his relationship with you, but also his mother, his brother, former mother-in-law, and his best friends. He says he told them all nothing was going on between you and him--but secretly he wasn't so sure. What he wanted to know was if you felt the same way and, if you didn't he completely understood. You are silent for a moment. He takes it as a no and gets up to leave. You jump to your feet, wrap your arms around his waist, whisper "I love you, really," and kiss him. He also spends the night in your apartment (the kids are at sleepovers). The two of you date for 18 months

    When the lease on your apartment goes up, Doug invites you to come live with him and the kids in Toronto, which you gladly accept. 3 weeks later, he proposes! You spend the next 5 months planning the wedding you have always wanted as well as legally adopt your child Emily along with the other two children, Ella and Christopher, all who are happy to call you Mom. And when you return from your two-week honeymoon, you get a surprise: you are pregnant...with twins! The twins are born and you name them Charlotte Brenna & Kaylee Grace.
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