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    Need middle name, running out of time, please help!


    We have decided (finally) that Theo is going to be the first name. Feeling very stuck on middles though. I want the middle name to honour my mother. Her first name was Jean and I have been struggling with finding a middle based on this. We were thinking of going with Jean-Francois (both of my parents names - Jean pronounced the french way - although when we lived in Montreal it drove her crazy that everyone pronounced it the french way even with her feminine middle name. So I am just not sure about it. Some of you suggested Gene in my last thread, but neither my partner or I like it very much.

    Both of my parents passed away many years ago, so my other thought is to find a name that means brave, courage, or something similar, which I think of when I think of them. What do you think of these, and which goes best with Avery Marie?

    Theo Keane (I found some sites that say it means fighter, or battler)
    Theo Leander (means lion-man; and can also get nickname Leo out of it, which is also of significance to me)
    Theo Leonard (means brave lion - but I am not sure I like Leonard)
    Theo Everett (means strong as a boar, brave. I really love the name Everett)

    Do you have any other suggestions along these lines?

    Thanks - 2 weeks to go, need to figure this out!!

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    Wow I really LOVE Theo Leander! It's very cool and I love that the meaning a possible nickname has meaning to you. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I too really like Theo Leander and Theo Everett, thought Leander would get my vote simply because of the 'wow' factor.

    I'm sure you know Jean is a feminine form of John-- is John or any of its variants of interest to you? Something like Theo Jonathan?

    Brave & Courageous middles:

    Allard (noble and brave)
    Archibald ("Genuine, bold, brave.")
    Baldwin ("Bold, brave friend.")
    Ballard ("Brave and strong")
    Basil (brave)
    Bernard ... "Strong, brave bear."
    Conrad ... "Brave, bold ruler or counsel."
    Farley ("brave man")
    Gerard ... "Spear brave."
    Gifford ... "Brave giver"
    Hardy ... "Bold, brave."
    Kenway ... "Brave or royal fighter"
    Leopold ... "Brave people"
    Prewitt / Pruitt.. "Brave little one"
    Reinhart... "brave counsel"
    Valiant, as suggested by another poster
    Farrell ... "Hero, man of courage."
    Emery ... From Emmerich, meaning "bravery, vigor; power"
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    Second Theo Leander! So gorgeous.
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    I just realized the Theo Everett D___ would mean the initials spell TED, which we are trying to avoid, hence not going with Theodore. Not sure that would become an issue but it could I guess.

    So Theo Leander is getting some very positive comments, thanks!

    Blade: Yes, I've looked at several variants of Jean/John - such as Sean, Ian, Evan, Ewan, but none of them are hitting home with me. Thanks for your list, I'm going to look into those a little further- I love Basil, partner doesn't though. I was immediately drawn to Emmerich too, never even heard of it!

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