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    WDYT of Miriam Joan?

    Always tweaking my list for the near future. Miriam's long been a love, and I like her paired with a J middle name. First-born boys with initials J.M. are a tradition in our family, and I was thinking about perhaps using M.J. as a first born girl to nod to that (especially as we may only have one child). My mom also has an M name so it's a nice nod to her. I've also thought of just using J.M. on a first born girl but have more mixed feelings.

    Anyway, I don't love Joan in most cases but it's growing on me paired with Miriam. The flow seems good to me, and I like the seriousness and strength and history the names share, while also opening up nns Miri Jo or MJ, which are much more lighthearted. My husband is John so Joan's a nice nod to him. Jean and Jane are both nice names but I think I like Joan better with Miriam specifically. I adore the name Johanna but Miriam Johanna feels really long to me. Although our surname is short so it could work. But Joan, I think, is better with Miriam than Johanna is.

    WDYT? Or what other J middles would you pair with Miriam?

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    Miriam Joan is really nice! Both names are underused classics with a really strong edge. I hope we see Joan come back a bit. I prefer Jane slightly, they just have a different energy about them, but there is something about Miriam Joan.

    I love your thinking with flipping the traditional initials for a first born girl. I love the combo you've landed on, but here are some ideas...
    Miriam June
    Miriam Joy
    Miriam Josephine (I do like this though..)
    Miriam Josette
    Miriam Josepha
    Miriam Josie
    Miriam Jill (I dont like the look of this one as much as the others, but I've recently stumbled on a love for JILL kind of the same way I like the Jane/Jean/Joan names...)
    Miriam Julia
    Miriam Juliet
    Miriam Juno
    Miriam Jewel

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    Miriam Jayne
    Miriam Josephine
    Miriam Jeanne
    love miriam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Giselle Lydia Chiara Darcy Lowri Cleo Nova Fleur Noelle Giovanna Mathilde Flora Susannah Maia Jude David Rueben Theo Raphael Arthur Lance Vinny Marcus James Rowan Henry Christopher

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    Thanks guys! Those are some lovely suggestions. And I'm glad to hear the MJ for a girl, JM for a boy kind of makes sense. Particularly like:

    Miriam June has a lot of appeal - we were married in June : D. I know my husband doesn't like June in front, but he might like it OK in the middle.

    Miriam Joy is also really cool, still could be Miri Jo / Miri Joy, and Joy is a family name.

    Miriam Juno is also cool - I think the letter o does something good for Miriam, and I'm not bold enough for Juno in the front, but in the middle I could venture it if my husband was on board. Still has the tie to June, and with our surname would be 3-2-1 which is a great rhythm.

    Miriam Josephine is really stylish and I love Josephine, but I think it feels too long for me. I also really would love to use Joseph for a boy, but my husband doesn't care for it. Hmm. So this might be a chance to get to the name in a way, although it would probably rule out Joseph if he ever came on board. I'd have mixed feelings about that.

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    Oh, do you think a Miriam Joan would rule out a future Jonas? That's a long shot contender for a boy.

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