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    WDYT of Miriam Joan?

    Always tweaking my list for the near future. Miriam's long been a love, and I like her paired with a J middle name. First-born boys with initials J.M. are a tradition in our family, and I was thinking about perhaps using M.J. as a first born girl to nod to that (especially as we may only have one child). My mom also has an M name so it's a nice nod to her. I've also thought of just using J.M. on a first born girl but have more mixed feelings.

    Anyway, I don't love Joan in most cases but it's growing on me paired with Miriam. The flow seems good to me, and I like the seriousness and strength and history the names share, while also opening up nns Miri Jo or MJ, which are much more lighthearted. My husband is John so Joan's a nice nod to him. Jean and Jane are both nice names but I think I like Joan better with Miriam specifically. I adore the name Johanna but Miriam Johanna feels really long to me. Although our surname is short so it could work. But Joan, I think, is better with Miriam than Johanna is.

    WDYT? Or what other J middles would you pair with Miriam?

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