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    I had a full head of white hair when I was born so unless you were close to me I looked bald. But since I was about 3 its gotten thicker and way curlier. My fiance apparently looked like a little monk with hair only on the side ifs his head.
    My friend Alex swears on Aussie too. He's got hair to the middle of his back. Makes it fun to watch him head bang.

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    Wow - I am jealous, also! What a beautiful head of hair she has!

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    My baby was born with a full shock of dark brown hair, the same as my and my sister. I think she looks beautiful, and always has, because of her thick dark hair. However, it does mean that she never really looked like a 'baby' - at six months she looked like a toddler. In main, I find it hilarious - there aren't many people that have had to cut their child's hair FIVE TIMES by the time they reach their first birthday! I say she looks like one of The Beatles - a real moptop!

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    OMG it looks like a little wig!

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    My goodness, she is a doll! When I was born I had dark hair, but it all fell out and grew back in blonde. When my sister was born with a head full of dark hair, my mom was worried the same thing would happen to her, but her hair started to curl as it grew, into what my mom affectionately called "hoopdee hoops".

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