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    Cool Weird Quiz!

    I haven't seen a quiz these days, and I know I like to do them. Hope you enjoy.

    To name your first daughter, what's your fairy tale?

    Cinderella- Anastasia
    Hansel and Gretel- Pesanta
    Snow White- Ottilie
    Sleeping Beauty- Ariadne
    Red Riding Hood- Eliza
    Ariel- Ogygia
    Beauty & the Beast- Arabella
    Three Little Pigs- Hippolyta
    Goldilocks- Marigold
    Other- Aelia

    To name your first son, what's your favorite flower?

    Azalea- Hawthorne
    Rose- Galen
    Iris- Josef
    Poppy- Jon
    Daffodil- Otto
    Tulip- Aurelio
    Chrysanthemum- August
    Crocus- Isaac
    Aster- Pietro
    Other- Thatcher

    To name your second daughter, what's your favorite sport?

    Basketball- Henna
    Soccer- Estelle
    Football- Carrie
    Baseball- Heidi
    Volleyball- Annalise
    Softball- Corinne
    Tennis- Laurel
    Golf- Bella
    Cricket- Zelda
    Other- Helena

    To name your second son, what's your favorite instrument?

    Piano- Peter
    Violin- Vincent
    Guitar- Geryon
    Flute- Finn
    Clarinet- Caius
    Trumpet- Triton
    Cello- Cullen
    Viola- Viggo
    Bass- Basil
    French horn- Ferris
    Other- Oliver

    Hope you like it!
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