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    Full name for Kit, is Christian currently appropriate?

    We are officaly looking for a name for Theodore, Kaelen (Kae), and Jensen's little brother. I'm really in love with Kit, but he needs a full name. My hubby doesn't like Christopher. We both really like Christian, but have serious reservations about stupid 50 Shades of Gray connections. I'd like to keep a C name if possible, but I saw someone suggest Beckett which I also like.

    What do you think? Is Christian currently too strongly linked to a less-than-desirable-namesake charcter Christian Grey? Do you have suggestions of names that could be shortened to Kit, especially C names?


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    I haven't read that book, but I don't think that the association is that strong. I have heard of them, but I couldn't have told you the protagonist's first name before reading this post. I don't think it's like if you named your daughter Hermione and people instantly are like, oh, like in Harry Potter!

    I mean, firstly, Christian was already a familiar name. Also, my understanding is that the books are pornographic in nature and I would think that most people would not assume that you were naming a baby after a pornographic character, right? If you named your daughter Debbie, for instance, I don't think that anyone would say, oh, like in Debbie Does Dallas, right?

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    Christian is a fairly common name, and will be. I don't think you'll have any problem But the nickname doesn't really fit that name, personally.
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    Would have never made that "SoG" connection.
    Other options for nn "Kit" could be:
    ??? not the easiest to come up with

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    I think Kit's a great option for Christian. I also wouldn't worry about any Shades of Grey connections - it's a common enough name to avoid being linked to closely to that particular character.

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