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    fun, interesting and humorous names

    Have you ever met or heard of an interesting name? I'll give you an example.. I know a guy whose name is Dak Ree (FN, MN). And he loves his name-- I've heard him explain his parents choice on more than one occasion but right here that's beside the point. Have you heard of interesting or clever names?

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    I"ve heard many interesting names that have stuck with me over the years, but not names that are clever in a word-play sense (I can't say I'm a fan of that).

    I grew up with a boy named Dax. Back in the 80s, that was a very unique name, amid all the Brads, Jasons and Daniels. I can see Dax fitting in well in the 2000s as we've gotten more adventurous!

    My mother worked with a woman named Rebel. She is probably in her 60s now.
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    I was travelling recently and came across an airline employee named Lolita Rude. Interesting imagery there...

    I know a man whose name is Joe King, and he makes a point of speaking in third person just so he can say his name. Another man I know is named Cedar, and he's up there in years. I actually love Cedar as a name, and have for years. I was excited to meet him.

    I saw a doctor with the first name Marsden last night, it stuck with me.
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    Ive met a guy named Seven which I though was kinda cute although "too unique" for me,IMO.I've also meet a guy called Star although im not sure if thats what he went by or if that was his real name.
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