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    My favorite from your list is Omri. I pronounce it the way you do. Ludo would be my second pick. I like Grimm, especially for the family connection. Ludo Grimm and Omri Grimm are awesome.

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    Thanks every one. It's really interesting to get everyone's thoughts on the names. I never thought of the enema either until I mentioned the name on here and as much as I've tried to ignore it, it's pretty hard to now...
    As for the name Fox, a friend of a friend has a boy named Fox and she brought it up to me because she thought it was the coolest thing ever. It's not bad, but I find foxes so trendy right now. It's just not gonna work for me. But trust when I say, I have considered it.
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    I love the middle names you have picked out, they are awesome.

    Out of the first names I like Revel, Vox, and Ludo the best.

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    Revel is my favorite for you. I like Revel Venture. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thrallamanda89 View Post
    @rowangreeneyes- Thank you! seriously. My mom was actually going to name me Jared had I been a boy because The Labyrinth was her favorite movie, she thought his name was Jared. Other boys names on past lists: Shepherd, Anchor, Arbor, Harte, Rook, Tempo, Foster, Cedar, Pride, Revere and Bandit.

    @scheherazade- I like those name suggestions a lot. Anchor was actually a name we were considering earlier in pregnancy but decided that Anchor Miller didn't flow well enough. I don't like Ludovic, personally. But that is such an interesting association you have with it. I agree that I doubt he'll run into any problems with that. Also had Revelry on my girls list, Revel sounds more masculine to me, and I have a tendency to like shorter names. Thank you so much for your comment!!

    @thuja- Thank you! I pronounce it Ahm-ree. Idk if it's supposed to be pronounced Ome-ree. If it is, I'm scrapping it. Anyone know the correct pronunciation? With Vox- you know, I've never thought of one name taking coolness away from the others, very interesting point and it makes sense to me. I like Grimm for both reasons. Thank you!!
    Arbor was on my list for awhile, for a girl. I've been saying Omri in my head all day and I am beginning to really like it! I remembered it's from the Indian in the Cupboard, that's why it sounded so familiar. Very cool. I sent you a suggestion in a private message because I thought you would like it.
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