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    @thrallamanda89--First, let me say that though I'm still not a huge fan of your girl's combo, Finch is really growing on me. I'm coming at it from a literary perspective. I'm a huge fan (who isn't?) of TKAM, but I've never been a fan of the rat-a-tat sound of Atticus or the (to my ear) too brief Scout. Now I'm thinking, "Why has no one ever thought to use Finch as a nod to both the fictional father and daughter?"

    I'll also say, that though your naming style is very different than mine, I'm enjoying your threads. Your style leaves "scope for the imagination," as Anne of Green Gables would say.

    Now, my takes on your boy names:

    Fleet- I feel exactly as you do about it--I love the ship association, the added image of sleek speed, but the first thing that I thought of were the enemas, and I can't shake it.

    Ludo- not a fan. I'm not sure why, but the Lud names, Ludwig, Ludovic, etc. always conjurs up an image of a lumbering, adenoidal simpleton. I know that sounds harsh, and I can't figure out why I react this way. I imagine there's some literary source buried in my subconscious.

    Omri- I sort of like this. I think the pronunciation is tricky, and I'd have to know your last name to see how it sounded, before I'd say for sure. A drawback might be having to spell it frequently--I can see it being misheard as Emory or Armoury or other -ery names.

    Revel- I see the attraction. I like the clean, smooth sound, and it does sound well with Pilot and Dexter. I also like the image of enthusiasm that goes with it. My only hesitation (and this is VERY slight and VERY subtle) is that, to me, revel, as a noun, lies between celebration and orgy (in the Bacchanallian sense), ever so slightly on the dark side.

    Vox- also kind of cool. I see two problems with Dexter Audio and Vox. First is the Dex/Vox similarity in sound. Also with Audio and Vox, you have two 'aural' words, so it sounds sort of like you've gone back to the same well---Pilot has his own imagery/source/inspiration; Dexter and Vox would have to share. Maybe that's not a big deal. And if the association is important to your family, it might be warranted.

    Grimm- I like the idea of honoring your family members. I like the reference to the Brothers Grimm. I like the sound. The only drawback, obviously, is that it's rather grim.
    Venture- I like this.

    My favorite first names off your list are Fleet and Revel, but I have reservations. So, I'm going to offer an alternative to each.

    Since you like Fleet, you might like Argo. Same sailing reference via Jason and his Argonauts.

    Since you like Revel, you might like Jubal. It recalls the same celebratory feel as Revel, and in Genesis is credited as the inventor of the flute and lyre, which might appeal if your family has a musical bent.
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    I think I may have commented on your boys post a while back but I stick to my guns on this one and vote for Fleet again. (Boy's name are Much more my comfort level so I am not even going to touch what is going on in your girls forum haha =] Suffice to say I think your choice is very pretty). I must say I absoultely love the name Fleet, especially alongside your other two children. The nautical imagery just makes my heart skip a beat because it seems so perfect! Also, I had no idea about the association with an enema until someone mentioned it in your previous post so I don't actually think that the reference will come up as often as you might worry. When he is young, the other kids his age are never going to put that together because they won't even know what an enema is, and I would think that any adults who noticed it would be polite enough to keep their thoughts to themselves. My second choice would probably be Ludo and the other ones are nms but I have to agree that Vox and Dex are a little too matchy. Fleet Oswald is such a great name for a little guy imo.
    Good luck! =]

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    @rowangreeneyes- Thank you! seriously. My mom was actually going to name me Jared had I been a boy because The Labyrinth was her favorite movie, she thought his name was Jared. Other boys names on past lists: Shepherd, Anchor, Arbor, Harte, Rook, Tempo, Foster, Cedar, Pride, Revere and Bandit.

    @scheherazade- I like those name suggestions a lot. Anchor was actually a name we were considering earlier in pregnancy but decided that Anchor Miller didn't flow well enough. I don't like Ludovic, personally. But that is such an interesting association you have with it. I agree that I doubt he'll run into any problems with that. Also had Revelry on my girls list, Revel sounds more masculine to me, and I have a tendency to like shorter names. Thank you so much for your comment!!

    @thuja- Thank you! I pronounce it Ahm-ree. Idk if it's supposed to be pronounced Ome-ree. If it is, I'm scrapping it. Anyone know the correct pronunciation? With Vox- you know, I've never thought of one name taking coolness away from the others, very interesting point and it makes sense to me. I like Grimm for both reasons. Thank you!!
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    Fleet Oswald - I kinda like Fleet, though I can imagine him introducing himself to another kid and them saying, "your name is Feet?"
    Fleet Venture - I like Venture as well, but Fleet Venture sounds like the name of a shipping company.
    Ludo Fleet - hmm, Ludo isn't really my style, but it's nice enough, I like Ludo Fleet and Ludo Venture the best of the options
    Ludo Grimm
    Ludo Venture
    Ludo Vox
    Omri Grimm
    Omri Venture - hmm, I don't know, it's okay, I've never heard of it, but it has a nice flow and sound to it.
    Revel Grimm
    Revel Vox - I really love Revel!
    Vox Venture - it's nice, though I prefer Revel

    Some of my more 'wishlisty' ones are Suede, Ajax, Rigel, Faroe, Vesper, Afton, and Zeal
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    Like Revel, Fleet and Vox. Fleet would be my favorite, except for the enema thing, which I didn't even think about until you brought it up but now you can't un-think it, ykwim? Vox is very cool and it's nice that it has meaning for your family. I don't think Dex and Vox sound too similar. What about Fox? I know you like one-syllable F names and animal names. Also, what about Swift? It's similar to Fleet I think.

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